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Secure Cloud Backup
for the Mobile Workforce

Protect Your Company’s Data Everywhere, At All Times, On Laptops & Mobile Devices.

The rise of the mobile workforce and the corporate shift toward bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies have led to less IT visibility into critical business data on laptops or mobiles, and more potential for data loss and breach. Also the rapid adoption of cloud collaboration platforms like Office 365 (OneDrive, SharePoint, and Exchange Online), Google Apps for Work (Google Drive and Gmail) Salesforce and Box have additionall contributed to limited visibility and control over corporate data across a global set of devices. 

KeepItSafe Mobile puts this control back into IT’s hands, with integrated tools for protecting and governing data across multiple operating systems, networks, and devices. As a purpose-built endpoint data protection tool KeepItSafe Mobile helps enterprise IT departments simplify the complexity related to managing corporate data dispersed across a global landscape, highlighted by laptops, smart devices, and cloud collaboration tools, while providing seamless secure data access.

With a complete view of data across all endpoint devices, KeepItSafe Mobile can be easily implemented by global customers to prevent data loss, address governance, compliance, and e-discovery needs at a time when organizations are increasingly mobile and distributed. 

As a KeepItSafe customer, your IT team will have the ability to mitigate remote-workforce risks through our endpoint security platform, KeepItSafe Mobile.

Comprehensive Endpoint Backup and Protection

KeepItSafe Mobile’s unified solution for all of your laptops and mobile devices combines data governance, backup, recovery, visibility and management — to ensure your critical data is protected and under your control, wherever it resides. Our industry-leading solution includes:

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Data Loss Prevention

  • Continuous backups to protect data on all devices
  • Geo-locate and remote wipe devices when lost or stolen
  • Faster backups by eliminated data redundancy across endpoint users
  • Geofencing blocks access to data from unapproved IPs and locations
  • Data segregation separates business and personal data in BYOD environments

Data Governance

  • Centralized administration enables IT to manage all aspects of backup for all devices from a single pane of glass
  • One-click secure file transfer with password, expiry, download limits, and tracking
  • Sync affords immediate access to data from any device, minimizes downtime and maximizes user productivity
  • 256-bit encryption prevents unauthorized access to corporate information

Data Compliance

  • Compliance teams can easily search across all end-user data, automate compliance monitoring, and identify data risks — without impacting employee productivity
  • Elastic indexing for regulated data
  • Compliance with data-privacy needs by using settings that prevent administrators from viewing content and audit trails, ensuring regional data privacy regulations are met
  • Consolidated data dashboard enables IT teams to manage policies, monitor and assess data risks, and review activity history to ensure compliance with regulations
  • Preconfigured compliance templates provide pre-built, tested configurations for common data regulations to aid the organization in deploying effortlessly

Automate Data Backup Across All Devices

KeepItSafe Mobile’s automated data backup on every device and system ensures your critical data is always accessible, even in the event of loss or corruption on an endpoint device.

  • Detailed, tamper-proof audit trails of data usage and sharing provide complete IT visibility for compliance
  • Custom group policies allow IT to manage who, where, and how data can be accessed and shared
  • External restrictions can be configured to ensure only trusted groups can share data with outside parties
  • Legal holds can be placed on shared data for managing litigation and downstream eDiscovery needs

With KeepItSafe Mobile deployed across your organization, your IT team will gain a 360-degree view into end-user data and interactions — across laptops, in-office devices, mobile devices.