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KeepItSafe Online Backup

The best software and systems in the industry for securing critical data. It’s the secure, simple, and efficient way to back up laptops, PCs, and servers.

KeepItSafe Mobile

Powerful endpoint backup, file sharing, collaboration, and data-loss prevention in one unified solution, giving IT managers the control they need to protect their enterprise against unforeseen data catastrophe.

KeepItSafe DR

An all-in-one online backup and IT disaster recovery solution that restores your business servers and gets your business up and running in minutes.

KeepItSafe Cloud2Cloud

SaaS backup supplies “gap coverage” for public cloud and SaaS app providers. Integrates with Office 365, Box,Google Apps, and Salesforce to simply backup cloud data.

KeepItSafe Partner Program: Outsell your Competition

Don't leave revenue growth to chance. KeepItSafe online backup and disaster-recovery services support your customers and ensure profitability for the long haul.

New York Cyber Rules Compliance

KeepItSafe New York Cyber Rules Compliance Datasheet

Product Briefs

KeepItSafe and Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5

Veeam Product Brief for Backup & Replication (DRaaS).Backup & Replication is an approved product that can use Cloud Connect.

KeepItSafe and Veeam Backup Essentials 9.5

Veeam Product Brief for Backup Essentials (BaaS).Backup Essentials is an approved product that can use Cloud Connect.

KeepItSafe and Veeam Availability Suite 9.5

Veeam Product Brief for Availability Suite. Availability Suite is an approved product that can use Cloud Connect.

Industry Articles

Multi-Cloud Strategy Optimizes Cloud Workloads

A multi-cloud strategy leverages multiple cloud providers to optimize workloads and business outcomes.

Data Backup and the Media Industry

New BDR technologies enable media and entertainment companies to protect efficiently against data loss, hacker attacks, and data corruption.

The Dark Side of Containers

If a container creates persistent application data, then it needs to back up that data to protect it against data loss, errors, and corruption.

Overview Briefs

Offers Managed and Monitored Services

KeepItSafe Overview Sheet highlighting Available Services

Choosing the Right Solution Challenges

KeepItSafe Overview Sheet highlighting Cloud Backup Solutions

10 Reasons to choose Veeam over Rapid Recovery

Veeam Competitive Comparison positioning against Dell/Quest.

KeepItSafe with Veeam Cloud Connect FAQ

Pre-sales FAQ for Veeam Cloud Connect BaaS and DRaaS

10 Reasons to choose Veeam over Veritas Net Backup

Veeam Competitive Comparison positioning against Veritas NetBackup.

10 Reasons to choose Veeam over IBM Tivoli TSM

Veeam Competitive Comparison positioning against IBM.

Top Reasons to Choose Veeam

Veeam Overview Sheet providing top 10 reasons to choose Veeam.

10 Reasons to choose Veeam over CommVault Simpana

Veeam Competitive Comparison positioning against CommVault.

10 Reasons to choose Veeam over Veritas Backup Exec

Veeam Competitive Comparison positioning against Veritas Backup Exec.

IT Pro Ransomware Data Protection with DRaaS

Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, and Ransomware Protection with DRaaS

Solution Briefs

Cloud Backup with Veeam Cloud Connect

KeepItSafe Solution Brief for Veeam Cloud Connect (BaaS)

DRaaS with Veeam Cloud Connect Replication

KeepItSafe Solution Brief for Veeam Cloud Connect Replication (DRaaS)

Vertical Briefs

KeepItSafe Solves Encryption Challenges

KeepItSafe Vertical Brief discussion on encryption challenges and solutions.

KeepItSafe Solves Financial Services Challenges

KeepItSafe Vertical Brief discussion on financial challenges and solutions.

KeepItSafe Solves Compliance Challenges

KeepItSafe Vertical Brief discussion on compliance challenges and solutions.

KeepItSafe Solves Healthcare Regulation Challenges

KeepItSafe Vertical Brief discussion on healthcare regulation challenges and solutions.

KeepItSafe Solves Legal Privacy Challenges

KeepItSafe Vertical Brief discussion on legal challenges and solutions.

KeepItSafe Protects Attorney-Client Privilege

KeepItSafe Vertical Brief discussion on legal. Protecting Attorney-Client Privilege By Safeguarding Data Integrity with Veeam

KeepItSafe Secure Patient Data By Safeguarding Data Integrity

KeepItSafe Vertical Brief discussion on healthcare. Secure Patient Data By Safeguarding Data Integrity with Veeam.

Technical Briefs

KeepItSafe Mobile

Prevent data loss on client device/endpoints while enjoying the highest IT efficiency and empowering users with anytime/anywhere access to data.

Secure Cloud Backup and Recovery

Fully restorable, cloud-based backup that lets businesses instantly and automatically backup all data and saved files.

KeepItSafe DR: Advanced Data Protection

Advanced data protection with fast, image-based backups across virtual, physical, and cloud environments, unifying backup, replication, and recovery in one solution.

Cloud App Data Collection & Archival for Office 365, Google Apps & Box

Corporations that lose or can’t track their data face increased noncompliance risks. KeepItSafe gives enterprises the ability to control and protect their data across devices and within cloud applications.

Addressing Data Governance Requirements in a Dispersed Data Environment

Learn how KeepItSafe Mobile empowers enterprises to stay in control of their data, bringing together the core business requirements of data protection and availability with rich data-governance capabilities regarding dispersed data.

NY Cyber Rules and Compliance: How to become compliant – and prove it.

KeepItSafe Technical Brief detailing the rules and implications of NYCRR


Disaster Recovery with Planning

Disaster Recovery Planning Getting From Bad to Good to Great with DRaaS. - white paper by Storage Switerland

DRaaS for VMs in the Modern-Data-Center

As DRaaS is embraced not all approaches to cloud-backed data protection are equal. Learn about DRaaS for VMs with RTO and RPO and Continuous Data Protection - white paper Virtualization Cloud Review

Ensuring a Secure Virtualized and Cloud VMware Environment with Veeam

Security has become one of the top priorities for IT. Data Availability and protection requirements are more challenging today than at any point in the past. - white paper by IT Pro Today

Cloud Backup Doesn’t Work for Enterprises and How to Fix it

Protecting the enterprise remains a big challenge facing data centers megacloud are too big and don’t provide the turnkey experience, and regional providers are too small. - white paper by Storage Switerland

Five Requirements to a Successful Office 365 Backup by Storage Switzerland

The "why" of backing up Office 365 seems obvious. The "how" is less obvious. Once IT understands "why" to backup Office 365, it needs to decide how to backup O365. - white paper by Storage Switerland

The 7 Hidden Costs of Cloud Backup

The challenge of understanding the actual costs of cloud storage is complicated when you compare pricing models where costs can vary from cloud storage provider to provider.

Endpoint Data Strategy-as-a-Service

Disaster recovery for data protection on endpoints is frequently an afterthought. Utilizing off-premises cloud storage services as backup targets can further solve the challenge with endpoint data strategies. - white paper by Storage Switerland.

Enterprise Endpoint Backup:Top 10 Pain Points Solved

The growth of cloud native SaaS applications, mobile devices, and IoT, businesses have had to redefine endpoint data protection to address critical areas such as optimal bandwidth utilization, egress fees, redundancy, and data transfer speeds. here at the top pain points.

What You Need to Know About HIPAA and Online Backup

Managing patient medical data carries great responsibility and is tightly regulated. Learn the pitfalls of noncompliance, where a single violation can cost you $1.5 million annually.

Managing the Daily Data Blizzard: Why Businesses Need Cloud Backup More Than Ever

By 2020 1.7 megabytes of data will be generated every second for each human being on the planet. Is there a simple, cost-effective way to track and secure that data, no matter where it resides?

How to Handle the Data Compliance Challenges Facing Your IT Team and Your Business

Come up to speed on the major data-privacy regs, suggestions for complying with them, and learn what to look for in a cloud backup-and-recovery partner.

On-Premises vs Offsite Backup

It’s a given that continuous data backup is indispensable to data-driven operations. But which is the right system for you? Dive deep into the primary alternatives for protecting the health of your business.

Comprehensive Retention Compliance: How KeepItSafe Online Backup Can Help Your Business

As data growth accelerates and regulations increase, companies face a significant retention-compliance problem. A fully managed online solution lets IT departments save money, stay compliant, and focus on their mission.

The Reseller Question: Develop Your Own Backup Solution for Clients, or Find a Partner?

Your client’s data is hijacked and held for ransom. It’s your job to restore it quickly. Learn the pros and cons of protecting it through a third-party cloud backup provider.

Ransomware Attack: What’s Your Data Recovery Plan?

Malicious cyber attacks are on the rise. Learn where your organization is vulnerable, and what you can do to ensure ongoing operations should the unthinkable happen.

HIPAA Compliant Data Backup And Disaster Recovery

HIPAA compliance costs can be in the millions. Given these steep fees, finding cost-efficient solutions like HIPAA cloud backup can reduce the total cost of ownership.

Case Studies

PURE Insurance

Tired of the tape-backup hassle, a customized-property and casualty insurer was looking for an off-site, automatic, and maintenance-free solution. They called KeepItSafe.

Superior Office Systems

Catastrophic data loss prompted this Canon Copier dealership to seek a more reliable backup service. KeepItSafe’s disaster recovery solution proved to be more than just a facsimile.

Protravel International

Despite annual sales over $700M, Protravel’s backup was a “hideous mess.” One on-site server meltdown was all it took to recognize the value of off-site storage and KeepItSafe’s reputation for impeccable customer service.

Family Wealth Consulting Group

Data backups are critical but manual tape backups were a huge daily hassle. This wealth-planning firm needed to offer more than financial advice to make its customers feel secure.

Divine Capital Markets

By law U.S. brokerage firms must back up their data with a third party. Divine Capital Markets chose KeepItSafe to protect all their mission critical data. Call it a Divine intervention.

Criteria For Success

If replicating success is what they do, why were they relying upon the randomly applied assurances of manual backups? KeepItSafe stepped in and replicated some success of its own.

Cloud 9

Learn how a KeepItSafe partner used KeepItSafe Online Backup to save its client from catastrophic data loss following a sudden and massive ransomware attack.


Holistic Disaster Recovery from Data Center to Endpoint Holistic Disaster Recovery from Data Center to Endpoint
Watch the Webinar

"Endpoints are a growing concern for enterprises, and this webinar discusses Endpoint Data Strategy as a Service and the importance of creating an endpoint data management strategy and how to create that data protection plan."

Rethinking Recovery and Ransomware Rethinking Recovery and Ransomware: Even your Data Protection needs Data Protection
Watch the Webinar

"KeepItSafe cloud backup delivers security and data protection to fight the ransomware attack loop. Backup attack-loops occur when malicious code is injected into the cloud backup data and rehydrates upon recovery."

Ransomware and your Endpoints Ransomware and your Endpoints
Watch the Webinar

"Cloud The problem with the enterprise edge devices is that these endpoints are often the most exposed because they are the least likely to be consistently protected from ransomware, user error, stolen devices, and insider malicious events."

NYCRR Webinar New York Codes, Rules and Regulations (NYCRR)
Watch the Webinar

"Learn what you need to know and do to be in compliance of New York's Cybersecurity Regulation (23 NYCRR Part 500) also known as the NY Cyber Rules, and the consequences of NOT being compliant."

How to Create a Great Disaster Recovery Plan How to Create a Great Disaster Recovery Plan
Watch the Webinar

"Studies indicate that organizations have a shallow confidence level in their ability to recover from a disaster. What is a business continuity plan/disaster recovery plan? The first step in creating a great disaster recovery plan is creating one that isn't bad."

Office 365 Webinar The Next Question: How to Backup Office 365
Watch the Webinar

"SaaS Application Cloud Backup for Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, & OneDrive. Securely backup Office 365 and protect your O365 data from accidental deletion, ransomware risks & retention policy gaps. Learn how to protect and quickly restore Office 365 items & files."

No Backup Is an Island: The Value of the Cloud in your Backup Strategy No Backup Is an Island: The Value of the Cloud in your Backup Strategy
Watch the Webinar

"Why is a cloud backup strategy necessary? The importance of defining a cloud-based disaster recovery strategy."

The Office 365 Data Misconception The Office 365 Data Misconception
Watch the Webinar

"The Office 365 data misconception, is Office 365 data protected? Only Cloud2Cloud solutions designed for SaaS backups can fill the Office 365 gap of long-term retention and data protection. "

Cloud-based Software-Defined Data Center Strategy A Pulse Check on Your Cloud-based Software-Defined Data Center Strategy
Watch the Webinar

"The Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) is a proven architectural approach based on virtualization, automation, and cost efficiencies. Even though SDDC can shift the IT org role from a cost center to strategic business unit, replication to secondary sites for disaster recovery (DR) is still not always in the budget. So, what do you do?"

The Role of the MSP in the Multi-Cloud The Role of the MSP in the Multi-Cloud
Watch the Webinar

"The multi-cloud model allows MSPs to leverage the advantages of each cloud provider including the megaclouds (AWS, Google, Azure) and the more customizable Cloud Service Providers (CSP). Explore five reasons why it is important for MSPs to choose a multi-cloud model."

Hyper-V Disaster Recovery Benefits of Moving Hyper-V Disaster Recovery to the Cloud
Watch the Webinar

"Savvy IT administrators are seeking to embrace an Always-On data availability approach, as cloud protected backup and recovery becomes a necessity for seamless disaster recovery."

Ransomware Protection with DRaaS Data Protection and Ransomware Protection with DRaaS
Watch the Webinar

"Discovers today’s biggest data protection challenges for protecting your secure data and keeping your business-critical applications available. We will discuss the costs of downtime and the emerging threat of ransomware to your vital IT operations."

Moving the Enterprise Backup to the Cloud Moving the Enterprise Backup to the Cloud
Watch the Webinar

"Is moving the enterprise to cloud for backup right for your organization and if it is, how to create a plan to begin the transfer to cloud based data protection"

DR Ransomware Webinar Survival Guide - DR in the Age of Ransomware
Watch the Webinar

"Malicious attacks have surpassed human error as the leading cause of data loss. This increase in malicious data loss is associated with the evolution of ransomware."

Ransomware Webinar Ransomware - An SMB Survival Guide
Watch the Webinar

"While the threat of digital extortion has been on companies’ radar for many years, 2017 is already looking like the most dangerous year to date. We will discuss critical steps to safeguard your critical business data at "Ransomware: An SMB Survival Guide"

Business Continuity Webinar Business Continuity - Doing the (After)Math
Watch the Webinar

"Dig into the components of a successful IT continuity strategy and the challenges that need to be addressed to ensure that things go as per plan. Without knowing the disaster you’re preparing for and assessing the risk it poses, will the backups you currently have actually protect your organization?"

how secure is cloud data webinar How Secure Is Your Cloud Based Data?
Watch the Webinar

The odd that your organisation has data or infrastructure running in the cloud are very high. But where is this cloud app data located and what happens if it is lost?

cloud data vs dr webinar Cloud Backup vs Disaster Recovery
Watch the Webinar

This KeepItSafe® webinar highlights the contrasts between traditional cloud backup and disaster recovery as a service.


thumb-hardware Hardware Failure
Watch the Video

“One morning my phone starts exploding. My client is panicked, but I reminded him this is why he has off-site backup...”

thumb-dr-video End-to-End Backup Recovery
Watch the Video

KeepItSafe DR does a complete backup -- not just the data, but the entire OS and all the applications required to access your data.

thumb-hardware Human Error
Watch the Video

"I just completely and totally screwed up… but having the backup saved me”