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Features & Benefits of KeepItSafe Online Backup

KeepItSafe, a Gartner Magic Quadrant online backup solution, is your full-service data-security partner. We provide seamless, continuous protection for your entire digital footprint, no matter where your data reside.

Data Protection for Your Business


Fully Managed & Dedicated Account Specialist

We monitor your online backups 24/7 and are always available to recover your information.

    Our friendly staff are available to assist in every aspect of protecting your data:
  • Data assessment
  • Design, configuration, and installation
  • Online Backup monitoring and alerts
  • Data recovery
  • Data-center security
  • Account management

Complete Protection

KeepItSafe protects and can make online backups from Exchange, Windows, VMware, Hyper-V to SQL servers, enterprise apps, mobile devices, cloud applications, and other environments. We offer complete protection at file, application, or machine levels.

Fast Online Backup & Restore

  • Common files are de-duplicated and block changes are compressed and encrypted making backups and recovery quick and efficient.
  • Quickly recover files, complete folders, applications, or entire machines.
  • Hybrid cloud online backups: you’re always protected, even without an Internet connection.

Secure & Compliant

  • Data encrypted in flight and at rest.
  • Data can be unencrypted only by the original client when retrieved from the data center for restore.
  • 256 AES encryption.
  • HIPAA, FINRA, SOX, GLBA & SEC Compliant
  • 5-layer protection (network, configuration, registration, authentication, communication).
  • Certificates: FIPS 140-2, ISO 27001.


  • Using deduplication, compression, and delta blocking, we cut down on backup traffic across your network.

24/7 Corruption Detection

  • Guaranteed data integrity with zero corruption.
  • Mitigates faulty RAID controllers, files systems, OS, disk subsystems, or network packet loss, etc.

Continuous Data Protection

  • Back up mission-critical servers continuously, and less critical servers when deemed appropriate (minutes, hours, days, weeks, or monthly).

File Versioning

  • Keep as many copies as you need.
  • Back up as often as required.

Data Archiving

  • Archive data that changes infrequently. Easily find and restore files online.
  • Perfect if compliance regulations require you to retain copies longer than usual.

What Our Customers Say About Online Backup:

“When you’re panicked because you just crashed your system, you want KeepItSafe on the other end of the phone. You don’t want to risk all your data with a cheaper, lower end backup service.”

Lou Moran, Chief Technology Officer Protravel International

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KeepItSafe’s cloud-based backup solution eliminates the need for tape backup and frees your IT resources from the maintenance and management hassles that come with it, bringing you the peace of mind necessary to focus on what you do best – build revenue.

Whether you are a small-business owner or a medium-sized-business entrepreneur, KeepItSafe is the secure, simple, and efficient way to back up your laptops, PCs, and servers.

Did You Know?


KeepItSafe DR is the all-in-one backup and disaster recovery solution that recovers your servers and seamlessly preserves business continuity.

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