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Why Working with Veeam’s Partner of the Year Makes More Sense than Ever

Jun 11, 2020, 17:11 PM by Claire Raver

There are a lot of things outside your company’s control during the disruptive times we’re living in now. But one thing you can control—and which can have a profound effect on how your business emerges from the current uncertainty—is to work only with the best partners for all of your mission-critical operations.

Partner of the Year for the World’s #1 Data Management Company

When it comes to backing up your company’s data and making it accessible in the event of a disaster, you have more options than you can imagine. You could build and manage your own backup environment (which itself could take a thousand variations). You could drop all of your data into one of the mega-cloud services like Azure (which you’ll also need to manage). Or you could purchase backup solutions from any of the thousands of cloud providers operating today.

But trusting your corporate data, applications, and other critical systems to anything other than the most proven solutions is an unnecessary gamble, even during normal times. In the disruptive period we’re all experiencing today, it makes even less sense to take chances with the digital infrastructure that your company needs to continue operating. That’s why the easiest call you can make right now is to partner with KeepItSafe.

The Best Service and Support for the World’s Best Backup Software

When you enlist the experts at KeepItSafe to help you create a backup and DR environment built on Veeam Software’s Cloud Connect, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’re working with the most proven applications, services, and support in the industry. Here’s how:

#1 data management software

Veeam is the world’s top provider of cloud data management applications, including tools for backup and disaster recovery. Every day, more than 300,000 companies globally, including the vast majority of the Fortune 500, trust their most mission-critical data and digital infrastructure to Veeam’s tools. 

Veeam Platinum Partner

KeepItSafe is among a small number of cloud providers to have achieved Veeam Platinum Partner status. This designation places KeepItSafe on a short list of partners Veeam endorses for “not only demonstrating success providing Veeam availability solutions to their customers, but also providing first-class support, expert knowledge, and continued product education.”

Veeam Growth Partner of the Year

Still not convinced KeepItSafe is the safest and smartest decision you can make for your data backup and DR? Consider this: While we’re known to businesses around the world as KeepItSafe, in North America we operate under the brand OffsiteDataSync. In 2019, OffsiteDataSync won Veeam’s Growth Partner of the Year Award for North America. That’s yet another data point proving our world-class team of experts, white-glove service, and unparalleled backup and DR infrastructure.

A Smart Decision During Uncertain Times

When you enlist the KeepItSafe’s experts to help you create and manage a cloud backup environment built on Veeam’s industry-leading platform, you’re partnering only with the best—the best tools, the best service, and the most qualified experts—to protect your company’s data. During disruptive times like these, that’s the smartest move you can make.

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