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The Four Largest Threats to Your Corporate Data Part 2

Nov 15, 2016, 22:10 PM by Trenton Baker

Part Two: You Need to Protect Your Corporate Data — But from What?

In part one of this blog series, I explored the two most common threats to your corporate data: Network Security Breaches and Human Error.

The possibility of facing one of these catastrophes is more than enough reason to secure and protect your business’s data 24/7, by backing it up to the cloud with a proven backup and recovery partner.

But your corporate data constantly faces other threats — and in this second post, I’ll explore the two next most common risks: Site Disaster and IT System Failure.

Data Threat #3: Site Disaster

Risk Level: Moderate

Your data center, office, and entire building are all possible points of failure — and maintaining all of your data exclusively within those four walls puts you at risk. If your business is like most, your corporate data sits on laptop computers, desktop computers, servers, and storage devices inside your office or in other facilities.

Fires and floods are a tangible threat, and either of these disasters could be catastrophic for your data. Extreme weather conditions such as storms, tornados, and hurricanes can also wreak havoc on your building, potentially wiping out entire data centers and the IT infrastructures maintaining them.

Businesses in New York City during Hurricane Sandy (October 2012) had their computer systems wiped out when seawater engulfed their offices. Fortunately, companies who invested in proper data protection solutions, such as KeepItSafe’s Online Backup Service, were automatically backing up their data offsite every 24 hours — and they were able to resurrect their IT systems in alternate locations, restore all of their data, and continue to function. But businesses that did not take the necessary precautions were forced to face the reality that their data was gone forever.

Don’t think it could happen to your business? Neither did these companies. But it did — natural disasters destroyed onsite data and could have seriously threatened these businesses’ abilities to continue operations if they hadn’t been backing up with a trusted cloud backup provider.

Watch recovery success stories here.

Data Threat #4: IT System Failure

Risk Level: High

Machines break all time. Vehicles, home appliances, heavy equipment — and yes, even computer systems — are all subject to failure, from minor performance hits to flat-out shutdowns. Even with the proper preventative maintenance, these issues can’t be avoided entirely.

When an IT system experiences a failure, data loss is a common side effect. When a computer hard drive crashes, all of the data it holds can potentially be lost forever. Most people can readily recall a situation in which they or someone they know had a system go down, resulting in some data loss.

PPL Group, a pool and fitness services company based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, recently experienced a serious outage when their primary server, running a critical financial software application, went down. The company was fortunate enough to employ a competent third-party IT support company, in conjunction with a sound cloud backup service powered by KeepItSafe, to guarantee the successful restoration of the system and all of the associated data.  The end result was a minor inconvenience for the company’s employees, instead of the major disruption it could have easily become.

Read the blog from PPL’s president — “KeepItSafe Saved Us from a Data Catastrophe.”

Bottom line: by identifying the likeliest threats to your data, you can make better decisions on what solutions to deploy and who you should appoint to manage them.


Greg Onoprijenko

Regional Sales Manager, Canada for KeepItSafe

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