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Part 1 of the Top 3 Reasons NOT to Trust Microsoft, Google, or Salesforce With Your Data

Nov 15, 2016, 21:16 PM by Trenton Baker

Is it Really That Important to Back up My Data From Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, and Google to My Own Data Vault? In One Word… Yes.

This 3 Part Blog Series Explains it All

Most companies have made the decision to outsource their email to Microsoft or Google, or their CRM to Salesforce because of their past issues with downtime and/or application management. They see outsourcing as a great way to “hand off the reigns” of that particular application to an expert 3rd party hosting provider so they can enjoy ease of management and guaranteed uptime.

And for the most part, they’re right.
The mistake most companies make; however, is to assume that the Microsofts, Googles, and Salesforces of the world are doing data backup of your corporate data, which in most cases they are not. Most SLAs provided by 3rd party SaaS companies explicitly state what they’re responsible for and what they’re not, and to most people’s surprise, the responsibility for their customer’s data is extremely limited.

This is why we developed KeepItSafe Cloud2Cloud, a service designed to back up corporate data that companies keep stored in cloud apps like Office 365 and Salesforce.

Now, you might be asking…

Why is it necessary to backup data from a 3rd party Software-as-a-Service environment, especially given the fact that these systems are hosted by large and respected IT vendors who should have robust data protection solutions already implemented?

There are 3 big reasons why a company would want to do so, and the first reason derives from the confusion between “availability” and “recoverability.”

REASON #1: Availability vs. Recoverability.
Availability delivers uptime. When you log into a particular software application, it should be up and running; you should be able to access it no matter what. However, what happens when a user accidentally deletes an email in Outlook, a database entry in Salesforce, or a spreadsheet in Google Docs by mistake, and doesn’t realize it for a few weeks? Can they restore those missing files?

More often than not, the answer is no. Those vendors have data backups in place to protect themselves from their own data management miscues, but not their customers’. In most cases, those deleted or corrupted files will be gone forever.

Unless of course, the customer has their own data backup solution in place, which proactively backs up that data offsite where any file can be restored on demand. And there’s lesson number one.

Check back for the 2nd blog article in this series to learn about REASON #2: Maintaining Control of Your Data at All Times.

Greg Onoprijenko
Regional Sales Manager, Canada for KeepItSafe

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