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Online Backup and DRaaS Questions to Keep in Mind

Feb 3, 2021, 14:50 PM by Becky Cook

If you’re investigating online backup and disaster recovery solutions for your company’s data, you probably have a series of questions in mind for each would-be provider you’re researching. How long have you been in business? Who are your customers? Do you offer DRaaS solutions? How expensive are your various levels of service? What type of support do you provide?


These are all important data points to help you effectively gauge each provider’s potential as a fit for your business. But there are other questions worth asking that businesses often overlook as they research backup and DR solutions. Here are a few we believe you should add to your list.


Will the backup service create bandwidth problems for us?


If you’re like most businesses, your teams are generating an enormous amount of data every day. Backing up all of that data to the cloud on a regular basis can place heavy demands on your network’s bandwidth.


You don’t want to discover after you’ve selected a backup solution that the provider’s method of uploading your data to the cloud puts those backups in competition for resources with your company’s other mission-critical operations.

So you’ll want to make sure whichever backup and DR solution you implement uses the right tools—deduplication, data compression, delta blocking, etc.—to prevent these bandwidth problems.


Can we prioritize backups by data category—and pay accordingly? 


Your initial instinct will be to back up all company data at all times, and keep it all immediately accessible in the event of a disaster. And although this would be the ideal, and makes perfect sense in the abstract, not all data is equally valuable or equally urgent to your business.


There are several tiers of backup and recovery service: more expensive for keeping mission-critical data accessible at all times, less so for storing old files you don’t want to lose but aren’t likely to need right away if the power goes down. While it might make sense to pay a premium to back up your company’s Active Directory, it probably doesn’t to maintain archived files no one has even opened in years.

You’ll want to make sure the backup and DR company you choose offers as many options as possible to categorize your data, set RPOs and recovery processes according to urgency, and pay at a lower rate for less-urgent backup and recovery services.


Will the data-recovery times meet our industry’s regulations?


Let’s say you find a cloud backup and DR provider whose solution can restore your data and make it accessible in the environment—and within the RTOs—you need from an operations perspective. That’s terrific. But you’ll also need to make sure the company’s DR processes will keep you from falling out of compliance with your industry’s regulators.


If your business is regulated by HIPAA, SOX, GLB, FINRA, FERPA, or other laws governing the treatment of customer data, you need to keep in mind that those laws have requirements specifying how, where, how quickly, and to whom a business should make its data accessible in the event of a disaster.


So you’ll also want to make sure the backup and DR partner you select has developed a solution designed and proven to keep you compliant with all of these regulations.


Choose your cloud backup partner carefully


Bottom line: There are almost certainly more issues to consider for your online backup and DR solution that you’re thinking of right now. That’s why the safest decision is to go with a globally trusted partner—like KeepItSafe.


We’ve been backing up and recovering mission-critical digital infrastructure for businesses all over the world for decades. We’re backed by one of the world’s top cloud service companies, the multibillion-dollar j2 Global. And we’re a Platinum Partner of Veeam Software, the world’s #1 provider of cloud data management applications.


Let’s talk about how we can secure your company’s mission-critical data.

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