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Is Your Data Backup Solution Obsolete

Nov 15, 2016, 21:47 PM by Trenton Baker

Staying Current Is Staying Safe

The challenge in business used to be in making its leaders acknowledge responsibility for implementing a solid data backup solution. Today, because we use technology differently, the threats and challenges to our backup efforts are also different, and the biggest mistake a business now makes in this regard is to fail to stay abreast to its data backup requirements. A data backup solution that was sufficient three years may be obsolete today. 

Legacy backup solutions (or their absence) can suddenly prove dangerously insufficient in protecting against data loss:

Third-Party Cloud Services

As the adoption of third-party cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, and Google have skyrocketed, it’s easy to forget that these services are also vulnerable to data loss, or, in the worst case, being shut down for good. Some vendors today, such as KeepItSafe, offer cloud-to-cloud backup services that will back up data from various cloud production environments and send it to a secure cloud vault in another location. This also provides flexibility to store the data in a customer’s preferred geographical location, using their preferred data-retention policies, as opposed to the policies the cloud vendor deems preferable. 

On-Site Backup

Many existing data backup solutions remain on-site with the customer. But what if the office burns down? You might risk losing not only your original data but your company’s ability to deliver services and make money. It’s not unusual for companies experiencing these kinds of problems to get into financial trouble – or to go bankrupt. Transmitting data off-site is critical, and many cloud-service vendors can automate this process to ensure that your data is protected and accessible at all times.  All businesses should have a disaster-recovery plan that ensures its systems are rebooted in the shortest possible time.

Inadequate Protection on Mobile Devices

The use of mobile devices for business continues to grow. An increasing number of employees work not just on a laptop, but on their tablets or phones as well, where they store important data such as contact information, timesheets and important notes and documents. Many businesses neglect to protect these devices, which represents the simple failure to stay current with trends, since many vendors now offer enterprise-class mobile backup solutions to ensure that the data on these devices remains safe and secure at all times.

Jon Thordarson, Technical Support Manager for KeepitSafe®.

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