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A Data Protection PSA: Staying Up-and-Running When You’re in Lockdown

Apr 14, 2020, 15:32 PM by Becky Cook
"(Not backing up remote PCs) has been made worse now that users have been forced to work on old home machines and devices, often with outdated networking and poor security. So, just how does an IT admin troubleshoot and secure endpoints when they don’t have access?

The following are some areas to focus on and related tips, aimed at ensuring data protection and keeping your company and employees up-and-running while in lockdown."

Jim Klossner, chief technology officer at OffsiteDataSync, gives some helpful tips on keeping your business data secure and people safe while working remotely. He suggests using secure technology like VPNs, a data protection strategy like cloud backup, and keeping expectations realistic.

This blog post originally appeared at OffsiteDataSync. Read more here.

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