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Ransomware and your Endpoints

Ransomware and your Endpoints: Putting Data Protection Where It Hurts

  1. Nick Cavalancia, Founder / Chief Techvangelist, Techvangelism
  2. Trenton Baker, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, j2 Global
  3. Jason Norton, Product Marketing Director, VIPRE Security

Putting Data Protection Where It Hurts

Ransomware, when it infiltrates an organization, causes most of its damage to user endpoints (laptops, tablets, and smartphones). Endpoints typically make up more than 60% of impacted data.

The most effective way to protect against a ransomware attack is to have backups of all data and systems affected by an infection. But endpoints today contain increasing amounts of unique business-critical data that need to be protected against ransomware. The problem is that for businesses, endpoint data protection is an disjointed process that is not adequately defined. Most endpoint cloud backup solutions start as consumer solutions and ignore the greater enterprise. So, how do you expand your data protection strategy to properly, and cost-effectively, protect endpoints and the entire enterprise?

This webcast explains what you need to know about ransomware endpoint data protection and how organizations can recover from a ransomware attack by restoring data from cloud backup.

  • The realities of ransomware attacks
  • What systems and data are being impacted
  • Why reimaging an endpoint isn’t always the answer
  • Building a comprehensive data protection strategy that properly includes endpoints and their data

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