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How Secure Is Your Cloud Based Data?

Jon Thordarson, KeepItSafe’s European Technical Support Manager, leads the discussion.

The odds that your organisation has data or infrastructure running in the cloud are very high. But where is this cloud app data located and what happens if it is lost?

You’ve moved to SaaS applications like Office 365, Google Apps, and Salesforce but that does not mean you’re protected from loss of data stored in those apps. The same risks exist – user error, malicious actions, hacktivism, and more – and all SaaS vendors do not follow consistent backup and recovery procedures. What you don’t know could hurt you.

This session will share some information about the safety of your organization's cloud-based SaaS data. There are cases within cloud-based applications where your data is vulnerable to catastrophic loss. After this analysis you should have:

  • An overview about your organizations SaaS data protection responsibilities in the cloud.
  • What your organization should be doing right now to ensure that your cloud-based SaaS data is secure.
  • Guidance about how to pick the right vendor to address the cloud SaaS needs of your business.

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