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Holistic Disaster Recovery from Data Center to Endpoint

Holistic Disaster Recovery; from Data Center to Endpoint

  1. George Crump, President and Founder, Storage Switzerland
  2. Trenton Baker, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, j2 Global
  3. Rick Vanover, Director Product Strategy, Veeam

Today disasters like ransomware and other cyber-threats can impact both data center servers and user endpoint. Both endpoints and data center servers are susceptible to “minor” disasters like hardware failure and software bugs, which at the time seem major to those impacted. Endpoints, unlike servers also face another type of disaster loss or theft.

This webcast explains what you need to know about end-to-endpoint holistic data protection.

  • How Disasters Have Changed
  • Why Response Has Changed
  • When Has the Scope Change
  • What is a Holistic Data Protection Strategy
  • Can You Respond to Every Situation

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