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Business Continuity - Doing the (After)Math

  1. Nick Cavalancia, Contributing Editor, Windows ITPro
  2. Patrick Rougeau, Sr. Sales Engineer for KeepItSafe

Disasters like the recent Hurricane Matthew can have devastating consequences on your business – physical damage, business disruption, and loss of revenue. Most organizations tend to simply focus on frequent backups of data, systems, and applications, ensuring an ability to recover should a disaster strike. But to ensure business continuity, they need to do more than that. IT professionals need to prepare not only for just weather-related risks but technology-driven and other unexpected ones as well. Without knowing the disaster you’re preparing for and assessing the risk it poses, will the backups you currently have actually protect your organization?

In this Web seminar, join Penton contributing editor Nick Cavalancia as he digs into the components of a successful business continuity strategy and the challenges that need to be addressed to ensure that things go as per plan.

In this session, you will learn about:

  • Doing the math first – why your disaster recovery strategy should start with the disaster and work backwards. The speakers will use the example of hurricane Matthew to explain and illustrate the magnitude of the issue.
  • Equating risk and recovery – learn how to prioritize your efforts based on disaster likelihood and impact.
  • Making your strategy add up – how to devise a protection plan that ensures your organization is ready for whatever disaster may strike.

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