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Online Backup & Restore

Automatic, continuous, backups of your data, apps and operating systems to redundant Tier-IV data centers keep your Healthcare data compliant and safe.


Disaster Recovery (DR)

An all-in-one online backup and IT disaster recovery solution that replicates your data across multiple off-site servers to fully protect physical, virtual, and cloud applications.


Total Endpoint Protection

A unified solution for your endpoint devices that combines data governance, backup, recovery, visibility and management to ensure your data is protected wherever it resides.

We’re the experts at protecting business data for companies large and small.

Over 20 Years of Experience in Backup & DR

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Available White Glove Services

End-to-End 256-bit Encryption

Global Network of Data Centers

KeepItSafe Backup and Replication

Information is one of your organization's most valuable asset, and it is gets more and more difficult to manage every day. KeepItSafe Cloud Backup securely replicates the data from your physical and virtual servers, databases, business applications, endpoints off-site and in the cloud.

Should you ever need to recover your data, KeepItSafe combines the rapid recovery time, security and compliance of a private cloud application with the cost savings, and scalability of a public solution.


Fast Backup & Restore

Common files are deduplicated and block changes compressed and encrypted. This enables quick recovery of files, folders, applications, or entire machines.

Continuous Data Protection

Backs up mission-critical servers continuously, and less critical servers when appropriate (minutes, hours, days, weeks, or monthly).

Security & Compliance

Our solution meets strict security standards —via AES encryption and five-layer data protection that comply with HIPAA, FINRA, FERPA, SEC, GLBA and others.

Data Archiving

Archive data that changes infrequently. Easily find and restore files online. Perfect if compliance regulations require you to retain copies longer than usual.

Complete Protection

From file to machine level, we protect all your environments: Exchange, Windows, VMware, Hyper-V to SQL servers, enterprise apps, mobile devices, cloud applications, and more.

Agentless Backup

With our agentless backup, you can backup your entire network with a single installation — a much more secure and efficient solution.

Bandwidth Throttling

Back-up traffic reduced across your network using deduplication, compression, and delta blocking.

24/7 Corruption Protection

Guaranteed data integrity with zero corruption. Mitigates faulty RAID controllers, files systems, OS, disk subsystems, or network packet loss, etc.

File Versioning

Keep as many copies as you need. Back up as often as required.

KeepItSafe Disaster Recovery (DR)

Businesses of all sizes are vigilant about protecting their data, both on-site and off-site. But the mere ability to backup and restore data after a failure or disaster is not sufficient enough. In the event of total failure, disaster or outage you need a secure and reliable recovery plan that's capable of achieving your Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and restoring everything with little or no interruption to your operations.

KeepItSafe DR provides an all-in-one online backup and IT disaster recovery solution that will restore your business servers day or night and get your business up and running again in as little as a few minutes.

Image-Based Backup

Backup and recover all environments — data, apps and operating systems — in a single backup set. And restoring a server will take just a few clicks.

Backup Validation

Automatic data validation — determined via virtualized data recovery simulations — ensures your business data will be restorable at all times.

Data Deduplication

Our global deduplication protocol moves your applications and other bandwidth-heavy data offsite more efficiently, and greatly reduces storage needs.

Bare-Metal Restore

KeepItSafe’s bare-metal restores enable rapid recoveries that take minutes, not hours, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual system rebuilds.

Achieve RTO's <15 min

Restore your data from any point in time, nearly instantly with aggressive recovery time objectives (RTO) of <15 min.

Security & Compliance

Our secure cloud environment leverages the most advanced 256 AES encryption and other security protocols to keep your data safe both in flight and at rest.

Disaster Recovery Facts:

  • 90% of businesses losing data from a disaster are forced to shut down within two years. (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  • 86% of companies have experienced one or more instances of system downtime in the past 12 months. (Acronis)
  • 53% of data-loss victims never recoup the losses incurred by a disaster. (Aveco)
  • 50% of businesses without data management filed for bankruptcy within a year of the disaster. (National Archives & Records Administration)

KeepItSafe Total Endpoint Protection

Our robust and secure endpoint solution offers backup, file sharing, collaboration, and data-loss prevention all in a single unified solution. Protect your business data on endpoint devices in the KeepItSafe Managed Private Cloud and give your IT managers the control they need to protect their organization against unforeseen breaches or data loss.


Endpoint Protection

Secure your company data no matter where it lives — including desktops, tablets, and even mobile phones.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Our mobile solution prevents data loss by first continuously backing up your endpoint data, and second by ensuring those devices are secure at all times.

Geo-Locate & Remote Wipe

Geo-locate and remote-wipe devices when they’re lost or stolen. Geo-fencing blocks access to data from unapproved IP's and locations.

Data Governance

Centralized administration enables IT to manage all aspects of backup for every device from a single pane of glass. One-click secure file transfer with password, expiry, download limits, and tracking.

Data Security

We boost endpoint security through such methods as two factor encryption-key management, 256-bit encryption and certification to ISO-27001.

360 View of Endpoint Usage

Deployed across your organization, your IT team will gain a 360-degree view into end-user data and interactions — across laptops, in-office devices and mobile devices.

Yes, KeepItSafe Supports Your Environment

Our cloud backup, disaster recovery, and endpoint solutions offer support for most physical and virtual environments, apps and operating systems (not all are represented here).

Secure & Compliant

  • Data encrypted in flight and at rest.

  • Data can be unencrypted only by the original client when retrieved from the data center for restore.
    256 AES encryption.

  • HIPAA, FINRA, SOX, GLBA & SEC Compliant

  • 5-layer protection (network, configuration, registration, authentication, communication).

  • Certificates: FIPS 140-2, ISO 27001.


Trusted By Customers World Wide


“When you’re panicked because you just crashed your system, you want KeepItSafe on the other end of the phone. You don’t want to risk all your data with a cheaper, lower end backup service.”

Lou Moran, Chief Technology Officer – Protravel International


"We recognize a professional team when we see one, and KeepItSafe is such a team. We’ve found their solution easy to use, their data-protection protocols first-rate, and their 24/7 service outstanding.”

Martin Conley, IT Manager – IT Manager – Hull City AFC

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We Make Deploying Backup Easy and Effortless

Our cloud backup and recovery platform is intuitive, user-friendly and can be easily installed, deployed and administered from a centralized dashboard.

Fully Customizable Backup Service

KeepItSafe offers fully a customizable platform — to give your business all of the backup and recovery services you need, and none that you don’t need. Scale up or down as you see fit.

We Meet Your Recovery Time Objectives

KeepItSafe’s team of backup and recovery experts will be there for you 24/7 to meet any recovery time objective you have, even if you need a lost file or system restored in minutes.

Your Data is Fully Managed and Monitored 24/7

As a KeepItSafe customer, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that a team of highly trained experts is proactively monitoring your data around the clock.

KeepItSafe’s large-enterprise solution simplifies your data backup, recovery and archiving by automating the process of moving your data offsite and securing it across data centers using the highest level of encryption standards available.

And as one of the few companies in the world with ISO 27001 certification, KeepItSafe Online Backup gives you the confidence of knowing your data are always secure and capable of being restored to your server with the click of a mouse.

KeepItSafe's cloud-based backup solution eliminates the need for tape backup, and frees your IT resources from the maintenance and management hassles that come with it, bringing you the peace of mind necessary to focus on what you do best – build revenue.

Whether you are a small-business owner or a medium-size-business entrepreneur, KeepItSafe is the secure, simple, and efficient way to back up your laptops, PCs, and servers.

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