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Fully Managed & 24/7
Technical Support

Experienced support engineers to assist your data needs.

Your Data is Too Valuable to Trust With Anyone But the Best-Trained Experts

We have the most highly trained data backup and recovery engineers in the industry.

At KeepItSafe, we hire only the most knowledgeable and experienced engineers — and we make them better! Our support engineers have an average of 12 to 15 years of experience.

Our international support team of highly trained engineers are able to meet your business needs and provide 24/7 technical support if required —and will contact you if they ever spot an issue, irregularity or other cause for concern. Your data is protected in multiple data centers with the highest levels of encryption available to give you piece of mind

And if your company ever loses data? No need to worry. Your KeepItSafe support team is always there, ready to recover it for you in no time.

As a KeepItSafe customer, you’ve got the best data backup and recovery experts protecting your data around the clock!

Proactive Backups of Your Data

Because Keeping Your Data Safe Means Everything

When we talk about KeepitSafe’s unique “Fully Managed” approach to protecting your data, we mean that literally. We handle everything.


Design, configuration, and installation of KeepItSafe® backup and recovery software


Backup for your laptops, personal computers and server data applications


Fully managed Backup with 2477 Tech Support


Quick, decisive intervention and customer notification


24-hour data center security


Auto-compression, encryption, and secure transmission of data to KeepItSafe® primary data centers


Data encrypted in transit and at rest


Multiple retention periods for your data, enabling point-in-time restores

What Customers Say About KeepItSafe’s Fully Managed Approach

"After a simple phone call to their support team, KeepItSafe immediately initiated a remote restore and the server was restarted. All we had to do was pick up the phone! KeepItSafe solved our problem quickly and effortlessly, and our employees got their paychecks in time.”

Tore Paulsrud, Head of IT Services - CSAM Health AS