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Superior Office Systems

Longtime KeepItSafe® Client Superior Office Systems Upgrades to KeepItSafe® Disaster Recovery (DR) To Ensure Remote Access to Their Servers in the Event of a Disaster

Superior Office Systems

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alert The Challenge

Superior Office Systems, with over 50 employees, is an authorized Canon Copier Dealership servicing the Metropolitan New York area since 1967. They specialize in a full digital product line and provide a variety of software solutions. Superior Office Systems put a strong emphasis on service, with quick response times and replacement parts kept on site.

In 2005, co-owner Eric Wolf learned the hard way that his data backup service provider did not provide that same reliable service. When Wolf’s computer crashed and he lost all his contacts, his backup provider was unable to restore the data. Wolf set out to find a better solution and found it with KeepItSafe.

checkb The Solution

Superior Office Systems began using KeepItSafe to backup the business’ six servers and all their important data including Microsoft Exchange, QuickBooks, billing and customer service data. Wolf says over the years KeepItSafe has performed many successful restores for his company. “KeepItSafe is the best insurance I’ve ever had,” he says. “I spend a lot more money for my commercial insurance, and I never use it. With KeepItSafe, I spend a lot less and I’ve used it many times. Your data is as important as your commercial property. If anything, it’s more important.”

Wolf appreciates and depends on the excellent customer service KeepItSafe provides. “Their people know what they are doing and they are very friendly, great on the phone,” he says. KeepItSafe continually touches base to make sure they are still backing up the most critical data. “If the KeepItSafe staff sees a possible problem they give us advice on how to fix it. If there’s a problem, I want to know about it, and I really appreciate the calls,” he says. Wolf also praises KeepItSafe’s ability to work with non-IT professionals. “The KeepItSafe customer support engineers don’t talk down to you,” he says. “You can tell that they are technical professionals – but they are as good with non-technical people as with IT staff.”

Knowing how difficult it would be to do business if Superior Office Systems were to lose access to their servers due to a disaster, Wolf was very interested when his KeepItSafe representative told him about KeepItSafe Disaster Recovery (DR).

KeepItSafe Disaster Recovery (DR) is a virtual disaster recovery solution that enables businesses to access their servers in KeepItSafe’s cloud in the event of a disaster. In a short period of time after declaring a disaster, can have Superior Office Systems’ servers up and running and accessible via a virtual desktop. DR does not require expensive third party software nor a dedicated internet connection for replication. And, like KeepItSafe’s other solutions, DR does not require clients to have a dedicated in-house IT staff to maintain it.

KeepItSafe explained to Superior Office Systems that their applications and data from their DR protected servers would be stored in KeepItSafe’s datacenters, compressed and encrypted. Should Superior Office Systems have to declare a disaster, KeepItSafe would immediately begin the process of restoring their servers into KeepItSafe’s cloud. Superior Office Systems’ end-users could access their servers through a virtual desktop from any location with an internet connection. Wolf was sold.

“I want to make sure that if I can’t get to my office or my servers are damaged or unusable due an issue like a power outage, I can still conduct business with minimal downtime,” he says. “Now I know I can, though I hope we never need it.”

trophy The Results

From their prior experience with another backup provider, Superior Office Systems knew firsthand the devastation of unreliable data backup. Since switching to KeepItSafe, they have come to trust and depend on the state-of-the-art technology and knowledgeable, proactive customer service. “KeepItSafe is a great service provider that every professional business that depends on their data should have. You don’t understand the value until you have an issue. All business owners should understand that it’s not a matter of if you lose your data, but when you lose your data. It’s happened to us a few times and KeepItSafe has always been able to successfully restore our data.”

It was this confidence in KeepItSafe’s online backup solutions and staff that led Superior Office Systems to sign up for DR. “With KeepItSafe, it’s like we had one type of insurance for our data and a few years later, decided to get a higher level of insurance for our servers,” Wolf says. “KeepItSafe Disaster Recovery is like our umbrella policy for our servers. DR comes with a monthly premium and a deductible so we are ready just in case disaster strikes our servers.”

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