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alert The Challenge

Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange (PURE), a member-owned reciprocal insurer, offers customized property and casualty coverage for high-net-worth individuals and families. Their policy lines include insurance for high-value homes, automobiles, jewelry and art collections, personal liability and watercraft.

In 2009, PURE was using tape backup for their data, which was labor intensive and time consuming. The system required a PURE employee to physically be on site to keep the tapes organized and accessible as well as to run the lengthy restores. At first PURE thought they could meet their backup requirements with their existing tape backup system. But when they ran the financials and logistics to retain data for long periods of time, PURE found that continuing with their current system would be costly and tedious.

Howard Muhlstein, Infrastructure Project Manager at PURE, was responsible for finding a new online backup solution. “I was looking for something that could be managed offsite and not internally, and something that wouldn’t require any maintenance from a hardware solution,” he said. “I really didn’t want to add any additional hardware to my network.”

checkb The Solution

Muhlstein looked at options with several different providers. One solution kept PURE with tape but changed the retention system. Another would have put the administrative burden on PURE for configuration. A third solution involved purchasing an entirely new appliance. KeepItSafe contacted PURE during this review and was asked to present their easy-to-use hosted solution.

KeepItSafe immediately stood out by offering a free trial. “KeepItSafe did a really good job of proving the concept and having technicians show us how their solution would work in our environment,” said Muhlstein. A big differentiator for KeepItSafe was the fact that I had access to their technicians, who walked me through the process and basically held my hand as I worked with the product. Others were more demonstration–based and I didn’t get to really feel how long a backup would take, or what a restore would be like. It was also hard to understand how the data would be encrypted on their end.

Muhlstein and his team at PURE reviewed KeepItSafe’s audit information to ensure that the hosted provider would not have access to confidential data regarding PURE, its insured members or its agent partners. Most importantly, Muhlstein appreciated the direct contact with the technicians who would be his contacts after the deal was done. “Thanks to the trial, I knew what we were buying before we bought it,” he explained. “There was an added level of comfort in the fact that the people I worked with during the trial were the ones who had to deliver.”

trophy The Results

Initially Muhlstein was nervous about working with a boutique service that he had never used, so KeepItSafe had to prove they truly had the best solution. The successful trial, which was led by actual technicians rather than pre-sale engineers, alleviated Muhlstein’s concerns.

PURE was impressed with the level of support they received while designing the retention policies and deploying the product. Switching to KeepItSafe has simplified PURE’s backup process, and most importantly relieved the stress of tape management. Since KeepItSafe charges only per compressed gigabyte with no startup costs, data protection is flexible, scalable and practical. Muhlstein has reported that there are never any surprises on the bills, because someone from KeepItSafe always reaches out to go over any changes in the amount of data they are backing up.

Recently PURE has started using KeepItSafe to backup the data on their remote employees’ laptops. “It’s great that we don’t have to seek out another solution to handle their files,” Muhlstein says. “I rest a little easier knowing that those workers in the field are not vulnerable. In the past it’s been at least 24 hours of work on our part to restore if a remote employee lost their data.”

PURE has also reported that while the restore process is simple, they appreciate that a KeepItSafe customer support engineer is always available to walk them through the process – or do it for them when they can’t get to a computer. “Data backup is not very sexy, so we don’t talk about it too often internally,” Muhlstein says. “It’s one of those things people don’t care about until they lose their files. Then they really care.” PURE is a fast-growing, premium professional services company that provides exceptional service. That’s something they now have in common with their data backup solution provider.

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