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Protravel International

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alert The Challenge

Founded in 1984, Protravel International Inc. is a full service, dynamic retail travel company with annual sales of nearly $700 million. Spread throughout 24 locations, the 780 employees of Protravel use their expertise in destinations, international faring and competitive products to find the best possible travel options for their highly diverse client base.

When Lou Moran joined Protravel as Chief Technology Officer at their New York City headquarters, he found that their existing standard tape backup system was “a hideous mess” and a “nightmare to administer.” “We were running one backup during the day and one at night and the information was being backed up in a ridiculous way. The whole exercise was a huge waste of time for my staff,” Moran says. “I wasn’t even sure if the tape system was working, and if the backups would be there if we needed to restore.”

checkb The Solution

Moran explains that at Protravel, a lot of their critical data was already being backed up by hosted travel applications. So first they tried storing their data on a NAS (Network Attached Storage Device) to meet their remaining backup needs. “It worked great for the amount of information we had but it was still onsite and that put us at risk,” he says. Moran had used KeepItSafe at a prior firm and had been very impressed with the company.

For Protravel he first looked at some less expensive hosted backup options but ultimately went with the provider that had previously provided him with impeccable service. “These less expensive solutions are great for backing up files on your home machine but they cannot handle an enterprise system,” Moran explains. “When you’re panicked because you just crashed your system, you want KeepItSafe on the other end of the phone. You don’t want to risk all your data with a cheaper backup service.”

trophy The Results

“KeepItSafe is flawless, we don’t really deal with backups anymore,” Moran says. Protravel is using KeepItSafe to backup data of local Microsoft applications including SQL, Office, SharePoint, and Active Directory, as well as their web servers. In addition, they have found KeepItSafe mobile backups useful for users’ laptops. These mobile users are asked to plug in their laptops on Thursday nights. If one of the mobile users forgets to plug in their laptop, KeepItSafe immediately lets Moran’s team know. In addition to the remote users, KeepItSafe is now backing up 13 servers at Protravel.

“The KeepItSafe service is so easy to use,” says Moran, “that when I first started using it, the biggest challenge was accepting just how easy it was!” Because the service works so seamlessly, Moran says he doesn’t really have to get involved with the online backups anymore. But Protravel has needed to use the KeepItSafe backups. “Our server room got really hot and we blew up servers,” he says. “We’ve restored whole servers with KeepItSafe. The last time it happened I wasn’t in the office. My team worked with KeepItSafe and it’s so easy, I didn’t even need to get involved.”

Moran is so impressed with the monitoring of Protravel’s account, the professional and friendly customer service, and extreme ease of use of the service that he says he wishes all his hosted application relationships ran as smoothly as KeepItSafe’s. “We’re not KeepItSafe’s biggest client but you would never know that from the attention to detail we receive,” he says. “I wish they could take over our other services! I want all my vendors to treat us like we are their biggest client, like we’re that important — and that’s what KeepItSafe does with every interaction with them.”

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