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When a Data Disaster Struck, These Companies Sure Were Relieved They Chose KeepItSafe®

That’s because KeepItSafe are always there, 24/7, monitoring your data, ready to alert you if they spot anything that doesn’t look right. And if disaster does strike, we’ll help you recover every file, every system… everything. Just like we’ve done for them…

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PURE Insurance

PURE was impressed with the level of support they received while designing the retention policies and deploying the product. Switching to KeepItSafe has simplified PURE’s backup process, and most importantly relieved the stress of tape management.
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Protravel International

“These less expensive solutions are great for backing up files on your home machine but they cannot handle an enterprise system,” Moran explains. “When you’re panicked because you just crashed your system, you want KeepItSafe on the other end of the phone. You don’t want to risk all your data with a cheaper backup service.”
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Family Wealth Consulting Group

“As a small business, you have to be very careful about the partners that you choose. I feel like KeepItSafe’s service consultants are on my team.”
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Criteria for Success

“In one case we lost our financial folder with all our monthly reporting and KPIs. Once we discovered the folder was deleted we were able to get it back right away. We didn’t even have to call anybody at KeepItSafe because the service is so user friendly. Something bad happened and we were able to get out of it pretty fast.”
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Superior Office Systems

"KeepItSafe is the best insurance I’ve ever had. I spend a lot more money for my commercial insurance, and I never use it. With KeepItSafe, I spend a lot less and I’ve used it many times.”
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Divine Capital Markets, LLC

“KeepItSafe has a team oriented, proactive approach. They’re very forward thinking as far as finding solutions to problems that other people in the financial services industry have faced.”
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This is What Data Protection Peace of Mind Sounds Like

“KeepItSafe’s quick reaction and invaluable support team got us back to full production within our critical time limit. KeepItSafe’s continuous Online Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions are crucial for our business.”

Ronald Tyberg– Draka Norsk Kabel AS

“After a simple phone call to their support team, KeepItSafe immediately initiated a remote restore and the server was restarted. All we had to do was pick up the phone! KeepItSafe solved our problem quickly and effortlessly, and our employees got their paychecks in time.”

Tore Paulsrud, Head of IT Services – CSAM Health AS

“We now have a reliable, cost-effective system that allows us to manage our business more efficiently. If our system goes down or data gets corrupted, KeepItSafe will have all files restored in a matter of minutes. We will never lose data again!”

Natalie Reid, Senior Property Manager – O'Farrell Property

“The relationship we have with KeepItSafe is the same kind of trusting relationship that we want our customers to have with us. I wish all my relationships were as solid as the one I have with KeepItSafe.”

Hilary Martin, Financial Planner – Family Wealth Consulting Group

“Not only is the whole KeepItSafe team extremely competent but they are very likeable, and I prefer to do business with people I like.”

Charles Bernard, CEO – Criteria for Success

“KeepItSafe tailored an online backup solution for our Remax branches. They provided us with an excellent and affordable solution for our backup needs. I would have no hesitation in recommending KeepItSafe.”

Toni Dowdall, Branch Manager – Remax

“We’re not KeepItSafe’s biggest client but you would never know that from the attention to detail we receive.”

Lou Moran, Chief Technology Officer – Protravel International

“Last month we had to recover our complete Exchange server, after a hardware crash. Thanks to KeepItSafe, our critical data is back on our mail server. We are delighted we chose KeepItSafe.”

James O'Rourke CEO, ATG – Limerick

“The staff at KeepItSafe are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We now feel that we can survive any emergency involving our data systems.”

Trish Parker, Ex-Director – Agriguard

"A big differentiator for KeepItSafe was the fact that I had access to their technicians, who walked me through the process and basically held my hand as I worked with the product.”

Howard Muhlstein, Infrastructure Project Manager – PURE Insurance

"We recognize a professional team when we see one, and KeepItSafe is such a team. We’ve found their solution easy to use, their data-protection protocols first-rate, and their 24/7 service outstanding.”

Martin Conley, IT Manager – Hull City AFC