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Protect Your Cloud Application Data

KeepItSafe Cloud2Cloud Bridges the Gap

KeepItSafe Cloud2Cloud (SaaS Backup) supplies the necessary “gap coverage” between where the platform provider leaves off and customer responsibility begins. For IT departments seeking the added value of outsourcing critical infrastructure workloads to the cloud, KeepItSafe lets them have their cloud and float on it too.

KeepItSafe SaaS Data Backup gives businesses multiple options for easily configuring, managing and scheduling all online backup activities from the same intuitive interface while ensuring full regulatory compliance:

Benefits of Our SaaS Backup Solution

  • Agentless back-up of data in SaaS/PaaS clouds to authorized, secure data centers or proprietary data centers
  • Choice of frequency and granularity of backups on a data-source-by-data-source basis, ensuring data protection as long as required for compliance and business continuity
  • Mass-deployment transmission of backup rules to hundreds of MS Office 365 or Google Apps users at once, ensuring consistent protection across departments with minimal configuration effort
  • Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives set and achieved
  • All data securely stored and encrypted, denying access to unauthorized users
  • Data always accessible, even after cancelling SaaS/PaaS subscriptions, Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure. The odds are that your organization has data running in one or more of these cloud applications. They’re an efficient alternative to traditional on-premise licensed software that organizations use every day to outsource production workloads for business functions like email or departmental apps such as CRM.

But SaaS providers are under no obligation to recover data should it get lost, exposing organizations to heightened risks of intellectual property loss and regulatory noncompliance.

In other words, your cloud data is invaluable, it needs to be protected, and it’s not going to protect itself.

How Common is SaaS Data Loss?

According to Forbes magazine, 69% of organizations are now running apps or infrastructure in the cloud, yet:


32% of users report losing data from cloud or SaaS applications.


Cloud app providers write SLAs that protect them from liability against customer data loss.

A recent study by the Aberdeen Group found the most common causes of lost data include:

Data loss

Don’t Cloud Application Providers Back Up My Data?

SaaS providers are quick to point out that their data is reliably backed up across multiple, dispersed data centers, protecting customer data against the most common downtime culprits, including loss of power, natural disaster, and application failures.

But that’s where the protection ends. Beyond this point (after a data field is overwritten by an end-user, say) organizations are on their own to safeguard and recover data they’ve entrusted to a public cloud. That’s where KeepItSafe comes in.


The majority of cloud providers back up customer data, but only for their own legal protection and not for your peace of mind. SaaS providers don’t specialize in backup so if they should accidentally lose your data you’ll find them insulated against liability by their service level agreements. In other words, it’s all on you.

Take control of your cloud application data with KeepItSafe Cloud2Cloud, the business SaaS backup solution that integrates seamlessly with KeepItSafe Online Backup to protect all your data, whether it resides on-site or in a third-party cloud.