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Why you’d better be testing your DRaaS solution

Apr 28, 2020, 16:17 PM by Becky Cook
"Let’s say you’ve implemented your DRaaS solution. You’ve specified which types of data your team will be able to recover at various RTOs and RPOs. You’ve activated the appropriate number of backup servers and established your failover strategy. Everything should be ready to go — in theory.

"But just as financial regulators use stress tests to gauge how well banks would hold up under real-world adverse conditions, you need to put your DR infrastructure under stress as well. Does a particular operating system in your environment conflict with a given application or virtual machine? Do you have corrupt files on the network that could disrupt recovery during a failover?" -- Dan Timko, chief strategy officer, J2 Global Cloud Division

It's not enough to only implement a disaster recovery plan, although it's a great step to ensuring business continuity in the face of disaster. Testing that plan is essential. A test will show any weaknesses in the plan, missing elements, and what staff doesn't know to bring the business back up. 

This blog post originally appeared on OffsiteDataSync. Read more here.

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