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Why this Global Manufacturer Chose KeepItSafe as its One-Stop Shop for Backup and DR

Feb 9, 2022, 06:22 AM by Mark Mazza

We service a global leader in healthcare packaging. Many of the world’s largest and most trusted pharmaceutical and medical-device companies choose their cleanroom-manufactured packaging solutions to protect their products.

Although headquartered in the United States, they are a globally distributed organisation. The company’s primary manufacturing operation is in Galway, Ireland, and it has additional design and production facilities all over the world: three in North America, four more in Europe, and two in Latin America.

As you can imagine, the company generates a great deal of digital intellectual property and other mission-critical data at all these facilities. And because they specialise in healthcare packaging—not data backup—the company had two primary goals when searching for a solution to protect its digital infrastructure:

Priority #1:

A global, unified cloud solution for backup and recovery of all the company’s data.

Priority #2:
A trusted third-party expert to help design, implement, and oversee this solution.

The enterprise solution they chose: Veeam

Even before they began researching expert cloud-backup vendors to partner with, their IT team knew they wanted Veeam as their software solution. 

Their corporate data is distributed across a wide range of environments at each of the company’s 10 global locations. These include employee workstations and mobile devices, onsite servers, and cloud apps.

Veeam, the company recognised, is one of the world’s most-trusted solutions for enterprise backup across all these environments. So, the IT team decided they would deploy a customised solution consisting of such Veeam tools as:

  • Veeam Cloud Connect 

  • Veeam Cloud Replication

  • Veeam Office 365 Backup

The partner they selected to administer their Veeam solutions: KeepItSafe

With a plan to move forward with a Veeam deployment, their next decision was to find the right partner for the project. 

The IT team’s key search criteria included:

  • A global organisation capable of supporting its facilities locally.

  • A partner offering fully managed, 24-hour technical support to each location.

  • A company with a long track record providing enterprise backup and DR solutions.

  • (The true deal-breaker): A Veeam Platinum Partner

As they discovered in their research, KeepItSafe stood out among the already short list of Platinum-level Veeam partners.

An unexpected bonus: a ransomware solution

Because they work closely with hundreds of healthcare organisations around the world, the company’s digital infrastructure presents an appealing target for ransomware attackers.

During our early discussions with them, we suggested that they add the Ransomware Insider Protection solution to their Veeam environment. As they later explained, none of the other vendors they spoke with even suggested that option.

A unified global backup solution, managed by a world-leading expert partner

With KeepItSafe’s help, guidance, and ongoing support, they are implementing a unified cloud backup and DR solution to protect the company’s data across its facilities worldwide. 

The company’s administrators can now view, update, and manage their data and backup settings anytime through an intuitive online portal. And if they ever have a question or need help—247/, 365 days a year—they can reach a highly trained expert at KeepItSafe.

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