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Why KeepItSafe Is the Ideal Partner to Protect Your O365 Data—All of it

Dec 16, 2020, 18:16 PM by Becky Cook

Before we explain how KeepItSafe offers the most comprehensive and reliable solution to back up your Office 365 data, let’s briefly review the most common mistakes businesses make with this initiative.


Mistake #1: Treating Microsoft itself as your O365 backup solution


One of the most widespread misconceptions about Office 365 is that Microsoft maintains backups of all data its customer stores on their O365 apps—Exchange, SharePoint, etc.—and that Microsoft will help a customer retrieve any data its staff loses, accidentally deletes, or finds corrupted.


In reality, Microsoft promises only to do its best to ensure your company can always access its systems and your data in the uptime of Office 365 Cloud Service—not that it will back up that data for you. Your responsibility is to control your data residing in Office 365, that’s Microsoft’s Share Responsibility Model. As Dan Timko, Chief Strategy Officer for KeepItSafe’s parent company J2 Global, put it in his article on ITProPortal: “Microsoft, itself, recommends that customers create separate backups of their 365 data.” 

Mistake #2: Creating multiple 0365 backup silos


Another common mistake IT departments make is to take a patchwork approach to backing up their Office 365 data.


This typically happens organically, as the IT team first develops an in-house solution to back up its most mission-critical data—for example, the company’s Exchange data. Then the company finds a third-party provider that specializes in backing up OneDrive or SharePoint data, and so they sign up for that service.


Often this third-party backup vendor doesn’t have a mechanism to back up Microsoft Teams data or to protect the company’s on-premise virtualized infrastructures or the O365 applications themselves. So the IT department has to develop yet more in-house backup solutions. This obviously creates confusion and extra work for IT, and it increases the chances of data loss over time.


How KeepItSafe can help


As we pointed out above, your company can’t think of Microsoft as your partner for Office 365 backup. That means you’ll need a third-party solution. In fact, if you choose incorrectly, you’ll actually need several third-party backup providers—because very few vendors offer a truly comprehensive backup and recovery solution for your entire O365 environment, including:


  • Complete Office 365 backup:

Comprehensive backup, recovery, and archival for all of your app data—including all data contained in your Microsoft Teams account (very few vendors offer this).

The ability to quickly restore individual files or full sites to prevent business disruption, using RTOs and RPOs that you establish.


  • Customizable retention policies:

The ability to set longer-term retention and archiving policies—for as many years as you choose. This can help a business in a heavily regulated industry, for example, fill in the retention gaps created by Microsoft’s native policies for O365 data retention.


  • Data governance and compliance management:

Full audit trails, legal hold, and other services to help your company meet industry and regulatory requirements for data tracking, chain of custody, and accessibility.


A full suite of security and redundancy measures to prevent external threats with separate uninfected offsite backup copies.

Because backing up and protecting your Office 365 data has so many moving parts, and because so few companies are capable of implementing a complete end-to-end solution for you, you’ll want to narrow your short-list of potential online backup partners to those few who can. 

You’ll also want to leverage the most proven and trusted technology infrastructure for O365 backup as well. The quality and experience of the partner who helps you implement this solution is vital—but that company’s work can be only as good as the tools they use.


This is where KeepItSafe comes in. We’re a worldwide leader in cloud backup and disaster recovery and one of the only global data-recovery providers to earn ISO 27001 certification for information security management.


As for the tech infrastructure KeepItSafe uses to implement your Office 365 backup environment, we’re one of only a handful of Platinum Partners of Veeam—the platform that powers one of the world’s #1 backup and recovery solution for Office 365.


Start backing up your Office 365 instance—all of it—today


A worldwide leader in cloud backup and recovery, implementing the world’s #1 solution for Office 365 backup, KeepItSafe is among the only partners in the world that can give your company a truly comprehensive solution to:

  • Backup and safeguard your Office 365 data—including Microsoft Teams data

  • Protect your on-premises, virtualized infrastructure

  • Provide one portal/one login to access all of your Office 365 data

Want to learn more about O365 Backup? Watch this informative webinar from our partners at OffsiteDataSync that provides insight into the shared-responsibility model, what Microsoft covers, and what users need to be responsible for. 

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