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Why Having the Right Disaster-Recovery Partner Matters More than Ever During a Pandemic

May 19, 2020, 15:40 PM by Becky Cook

If the COVID-19 shutdown has taught corporate IT professionals anything, it’s that you can’t foresee every potential threat. You might be well prepared to recover from an office flood. You might have an effective cybersecurity training program for your employees. But could you have predicted that a worldwide viral outbreak would upend your company’s business operations? What’s the standard business-continuity plan for that?

IT Pros Are Among the Heroes of the COVID-19 Story 

To their great credit, IT teams have risen to this challenge and managed some astonishing feats. Thanks to the fast thinking and swift action of professionals like you, millions of businesses have been able to transition their staffs to work-from-home arrangements or to secondary locations — all while keeping mission-critical communications and applications functioning.

But overseeing the transition of your company’s entire digital infrastructure to new locations, deploying and training your staff to use new tools (video conferencing apps, cloud phone service, etc.) — all without the luxury of time — is an enormous undertaking for any corporate IT team.

Why You Need the Right DR Partners in Uncertain Times

With all of those responsibilities, most teams simply don’t have the time or resources to focus disaster recovery and business continuity. But even in times like these — in fact, especially in times like these — your team needs to remain vigilant against the risks of accidental data loss, application failures, and other potential threats to your operations.

Even though the coronavirus lockdown already has your team operating in “disaster mode,” you still need to be prepared to recover from additional IT disasters.

During uncertain times like this, finding the right cloud-backup and disaster recovery solution — from the right partner — becomes more important than ever. Here’s why.

1. Their entire business is keeping your business up and running.

It’s not feasible for an internal IT team to think through every possible risk to the company’s data, apps, and systems. Worse, those potential risks have multiplied during the lockdown—because your corporate digital infrastructure now resides in so many additional places for the first time. That will make gaming out every potential disaster scenario and preparing a solution for it far more difficult and time-consuming than under pre-COVID conditions.

But the right cloud-backup and DR partner focuses exclusively on keeping the digital infrastructure of its business customers healthy, safe, and quickly accessible in the event of a disaster.


2. They know how and when to stress-test your business’s DR and BC capabilities.

The right backup and DR provider won’t just help you build a custom solution to safeguard your digital environment—although they’ll certainly do that as well. The right partner will also test that DR solution regularly for you, and help you run your own tests whenever you feel the need, to make sure that if the unthinkable actually happened, you’d recover—quickly and completely.


3. They’re watching out for you around the clock.

Finally, it’s important to remember that data catastrophes don’t strike only during business hours. When you partner with the right backup and DR experts, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that their team is keeping an eye on your data and systems literally every minute of every day—always ready to proactively intervene and alert you at the first sign of trouble. 


So, What Is the Right DR Solution, and Who’s the Right Partner?

This pandemic has forced sudden, large-scale IT changes that create heightened risk to your business’s operations. But at the same time, your team has to focus its attention and resources on managing your staff’s ability to perform their daily duties under new and unfamiliar circumstances.

Given all of this, it’s not worth the risk to entrust your company’s backup and recovery plans to any solution but the best. That’s Veeam Cloud Connect—developed by the world’s #1 cloud data management provider. 

And the best partner to help you customize, implement, and manage your Veeam solution? That’s KeepItSafe—a Veeam Platinum Partner and a trusted solution provider to tens of thousands of businesses worldwide.

COVID-19 is exposing your business to new data risks right now. Don’t wait another day to mitigate those risks.

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