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Why Big Data Creates Even More Need for Cloud Backup and Recovery

May 16, 2017, 20:37 PM by Trenton Baker

In its Big Data Insights and Opportunities report, the nonprofit Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) uncovered a troubling disconnect within businesses that are managing rapidly increasing amounts of data.

More businesses than ever are adopting new systems and technologies to deal with their companies’ “big data” — 87% of firms either have a big-data project in place today or are in the planning stages. At the same time, however, the overwhelming majority of these companies’ employees believe they are not technologically equipped to get the most value from this data.

Indeed, while 42% of executives and 31% of IT professionals believe their company is where it should be with managing and using its big data, only 6% of business-line employees hold the same view.

Other troubling statistics from the CompTIA report include:

  • 75% of companies believe their business would be stronger if they could harness all of their data
  • 73% of companies say they need better real-time analysis
  • 75% of companies believe they need to be more aware of data privacy

    Perhaps the most disturbing statistic of all in the report:

Only 51% of companies say they have a comprehensive disaster recovery or business continuity plan in place to protect all of this data.

As the report explains, 51% is far too low, “especially considering the findings from the Ponemon Institute showing that 30% of organizations that experience a severe data interruption never recover.”

This is why, among the “Key Points” in its report, CompTIA concludes that “with a greater reliance on data for operations and a greater customer expectation for data to be readily available, organizations should explore the options available for BC/DR including cloud systems and third party management.”

How Businesses Are Using Big Data Today — and Why This Underscores the Need for Cloud Backup and Recovery

Businesses today have access to so much data that, if organized and analyzed properly, can lead to actionable insights they might never have uncovered in the pre-big-data era.

Which is why, as some of the other findings in CompTIA’s report reveal, businesses today are finding data — and effective data management — more important to their business goals than ever.

  • 64% use data to better understand customers
  • 59% rely on data to measure business objectives
  • 56% say they store data outside the company — underscoring the need for more effective data management and protection technology

What this means, of course, is that businesses today have more invested in their data, more reasons to ensure that data is always backed up and accessible in real time — and more to lose if it isn’t.

One of the best ways to ensure the ongoing accessibility, security, privacy and recoverability of your business’s data is to work with the right partner to deploy a comprehensive cloud backup and disaster recovery solution.

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