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What COVID-19 means for your business’s data

Apr 3, 2020, 17:53 PM by Dan Timko
"One of the most common reasons for business data loss or corruption is simple human error. An employee accidentally deletes key files or folders. Someone forgets to save an important document, and the most recent changes to that document are unrecoverable. Or an employee falls for a social-engineering scheme by a cybercriminal—such as a phishing email—and unwittingly grants that hacker access to the company’s entire network. According to a 2019 industry study cited in TechRadar, employee error is responsible for 90% of corporate data breaches."

The emergence of COVID19 is going to change the way companies operate for the foreseeable future. Employees are working from home, over unsecured networks, and anxiety is going to increase the potential for human error. Having a data protection strategy in place is necessary to protect the health of your business.

This blog post originally appeared on OffsiteDataSync. Read more here.
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