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The Best Places to Get the Truth About Online Backup and DRaaS Providers

Feb 17, 2021, 13:07 PM by Becky Cook

Finding the right cloud backup solution for your company’s data can be an overwhelming and intimidating task. There are more businesses offering backup and disaster recovery solutions than any IT team can investigate. You won’t find answers to the questions that truly matter to you — Can we trust this backup provider to be there when we need them? Have they actually helped businesses out of jams before? — simply by reviewing the providers’ websites.


So, how can you quickly sort through a large number of backup companies and narrow your search to those with the expertise, high-quality solutions, top-level support, and proven track record you demand? A few suggestions.


Ask what the companies’ customers say about them


Among the few places you’ll find the unfiltered truth about what it’s like to do business with a company is in the online reviews from companies like yours that are working with them now, or worked with them in the past but stopped.


Here’s what one IT pro, Michael D., wrote on the software review site G2 about KeepItSafe:


“I love how responsive they are with my sensitive information. If a backup is missed we are immediately notified followed by continuous retry efforts to back up. If I reply to a failed backup email I receive a prompt reply from a kind customer service rep ready to help get us fixed and backed up. When our IT guy needs to step in and communicate with the KeepItSafe reps, he is also pleased by how easy and pleasant they are to work with. Have been using for at least 5 years now and have no complaints.”


And Joanna B., writing on the review site Capterra, had this to say about her medical practice’s use of KeepItSafe:


“They actually care about your backups.”


“Honest it just takes care of itself. If there is an issue we are notified… if we need help customer service responds quickly. They have helped us several times and work well with our IT person if necessary.”


Ask what the companies’ partners say about them


Another way to quickly narrow your list of cloud-backup candidates to the very best is to look at who their technology partners are—and what those businesses have to say about them. In the case of KeepItSafe, we partner with the world’s #1 provider of cloud data management solutions, Veeam, which today serves nearly 500,000 enterprise customers worldwide.


In fact, KeepItSafe is among a small number of service providers to earn Veeam Platinum Partner status. If you research that distinction, you’ll find that Veeam grants this limited Platinum designation to providers for:


“Not only demonstrating success providing Veeam Availability solutions to their customers, but also providing first-class support, expert knowledge, and continued product education”.


One more question to ask: Do the company’s customers stay for the long-term?


KeepItSafe’s first-ever corporate customer was J2 Global (Nasdaq: JCOM), a multibillion-dollar provider of cloud communication tools, such as eFax and eVoice. Today the company’s solutions serve more than 11 million businesses in dozens of countries.


J2 has been a corporate user of KeepItSafe’s solutions for more than 15 years. And the organisation was so impressed with KeepItSafe’s approach, technology, and customer support that in 2010 they bought our business—and are now KeepItSafe’s parent corporation.


Indeed, the full support and backing we receive from this multibillion-dollar, international business is another way KeepItSafe sets itself apart from almost all other cloud backup providers. It’s also another reason you can rely on KeepItSafe’s stability, reliability, and staying power to protect your company’s data for the long-term.

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