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Ransomware Hackers Are Getting Scary-Good: They Just Breached a Global Cybersecurity Expert

Sep 29, 2021, 16:49 PM by Nick Natale

If we told you the following story and didn’t also include the evidence you’ll see below, you’d probably assume we were making it up. And we wouldn’t blame you.


In July, global consulting firm Accenture published its 2021 Cyber Threat Intelligence Report. In that report, the company warned, “The global ransomware crisis has entered a new phase, as threat actors adopt stronger pressure tactics and new targets.”


Then, only a few weeks later, Accenture—which provides cybersecurity consulting to organisations all over the world—had its own networks breached by a ransomware attack.


This statement in the foreword to Accenture’s report now seems prophetic: “In an era of unprecedented uncertainty, with so many devices scattered throughout enterprise networks, it’s challenging for security professionals to keep pace with security demands.” Clearly, they’re right about that.


Hackers are aiming for all businesses – not just big-name targets


Maybe you’re thinking that your organisation doesn’t face the same degree of risk as Accenture because you’re far smaller, and therefore less of a target for hackers. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.


Another new study, published in Threatpost, notes that Q2 2021 saw the highest numbers of ransomware attacks ever, increasing 151% over the same period in 2020. And to put that in perspective, ransomware hit 61% of businesses globally in 2020.


Ransomware is hitting Europe particularly hard


If your business is in Europe, you might also find it worth considering that the continent has been the hardest-hit region in the world in the first half of 2021, according to the Threatpost story.

Businesses in Europe experienced a 234% spike in ransomware attacks during this period. In the UK, attacks shot up 144%.


Protect your business again from a ransomware attack


If a company as well-versed in ransomware as Accenture can fall victim to an attack, you should assume your organisation could do more to fortify your digital networks and assets against cybercriminals. And given the evidence showing that these hackers are targeting more businesses each year, you should make this an IT priority.


The good news is you can. The great news: It’s easier than you think.


The latest version of Asigra’s enterprise cloud backup solution, “Evolved 14,” features the industry’s first zero-day Ransomware Attack Loop preventative technology. The innovative solution has already won numerous industry awards, including the Data Storage Magazine award for Anti-Ransomware Software Innovation.


Unlike other ransomware protection applications, this solution offers not only tools to help your business react to an attack but also proactive tools to help you identify intrusions and malicious code—and prevent these breaches from happening in the first place.

As one of the judges wrote about Asigra v14: “This is the best data protection I have seen anywhere in preventing ransomware from infecting backups or erasing them. Very complete, comprehensive data protection solution at a very low cost.”


Learn more about ransomware prevention by speaking with KeepItSafe—an award-winning Asigra partner and white-glove technology service provider.



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