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No, Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Have Not Been Commoditized

Jan 13, 2021, 16:31 PM by Becky Cook

If you’ve researched cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions for your company in recent years, you might have encountered the increasingly common sentiment that the industry has become “commoditized.” All backup and DR providers are selling essentially the same services, after all, aren’t they?


In the broadest sense, of course this is true. All cloud backup providers sell cloud backup solutions. Very few also offer new cars or vacation timeshares.


But the definition of a commodity is a product or service that is substantially similar in function and quality to all others of the same type. Clearly, a solution as complex as protecting a company’s mission-critical data and digital infrastructure can’t possibly be a commodity. There are too many variables in providers’ levels of expertise, quality of service, and other factors.


Both Timex and Apple sell wristwatches. Would you describe the Apple Watch as a commodity product?


There are several key factors that distinguish some cloud backup and DRaaS solution providers from the rest. If you focus your due-diligence on searching for these traits, you’ll find a backup and recovery partner that can offer you far more than a commodity solution.


Track record

KeepItSafe has been successfully providing cloud backup and disaster recovery services to thousands of business customers for nearly 20 years.


For evidence of just how successful our organisation has been at delivering these services, we invite you to watch and read what our customers have to say about their experiences with KeepItSafe.



Any business can call itself a “Backup-as-a-Service provider” or a “DRaaS solution partner.” Among the commodity level of the industry, you’ll find thousands of such organisations. But whose trust have these providers earned? And can that earned trust distinguish their businesses from the rest?


At KeepItSafe, we welcome this challenge, and we have a simple answer to it. Veeam Software—the world’s #1 cloud data management company, serving 300,000 business customers worldwide—named KeepItSafe its 2019 Growth Partner of the Year for North America.


Earlier in 2019, KeepItSafe became one of a very few partners in the world to earn Veeam Platinum Partner status, which the company awards for “not only demonstrating success providing Veeam availability solutions to their customers, but also providing first-class support, expert knowledge, and continued product education”. 


Which brings us to yet another way we at KeepItSafe distinguish ourselves from the commodity providers…


White-glove service 

All cloud backup providers might be technically offering the same service—cloud backup—but very few can offer the highest level of service. Specifically, a white-glove solution that includes 24/7 active monitoring of your backups, proactive intervention to avert or restore data loss, and “valet” software installations.


And while many backup vendors simply outsource their technical support to third parties, KeepItSafe is among the few global providers with a large in-house team of highly trained engineers, including dedicated professionals we will appoint to your account.


Global presence

Very few backup and DR vendors you’ll encounter have a physical presence in multiple regions around the world. KeepItSafe, by contrast, has locations across Europe, Australia, and North America.


This gives our customers advantages unattainable from most backup providers—including a thorough understanding of regulatory guidelines around the world regarding data protection, as well as geo-redundancy in backup locations for businesses that need it.


Financial stability

Finally, you need to be confident that the backup and DR company you partner with will be there to support you for the long term.


You want to know that the organisation has the resources not only to continue overseeing your corporate data, but also to continually improve its services, leverage new backup and DR technologies, and monitor for potential threats to business’s digital environments.


KeepItSafe is owned by the multibillion-dollar company j2 Global, one of the world’s leading internet information and services organisations, which reaches more than 230 million people every month across its brands. j2’s ongoing investment in KeepItSafe over the years has helped us build out one of the industry’s most sophisticated, innovative, and reliable worldwide infrastructures for cloud data backup and disaster recovery.



Yes, with most backup and DR vendors, you’ll receive a commodity service. With KeepItSafe, however, you’ll be working with one of the world’s most proven and trusted partners. Let’s talk.

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