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KeepItSafe Saved Us from a Data Catastrophe

Nov 15, 2016, 22:01 PM by Trenton Baker

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Monday mornings are always hectic here at PPL Aquatic, Fitness and Spa Group’s Mississauga, Ontario, headquarters. But this particular Monday morning was chaotic, because one of our two onsite servers had crashed over the weekend, taking with it some of our company’s most critical data and systems.

Had it not been for our online backup and recovery partners at KeepItSafe, that crash would have been a complete disaster, one we would likely still be digging ourselves out of.

I was working late Sunday evening, preparing to send out a large batch of invoices on Monday, when I realized our financial management system wasn’t responding. That meant we had no ability to invoice. And that was just the immediate problem.

There was also a far more serious issue. We realized that if the server and its contents were truly lost, it meant we had also lost all electronic records of our customers’ information, billing history, as well as our accounts receivable, accounts payable and all invoices.

We were going to have to start gathering paper records of our AR, AP and invoicing status — and try to piece together as much as possible. Worse, I was going to have to start calling our customers to explain what happened. Not a good feeling, especially considering some of these companies had been warning us to upgrade our aging computer systems.

Fortunately, KeepItSafe spotted the server crash and were proactively restoring all of the lost data. They let us know they were on it and would have our data restored quickly. Which they did.

A KeepItSafe representative even personally drove to our office and hand-delivered a new hard drive with all of our lost data — an invaluable personal touch that reassured us our data, and our whole business, was in great hands.

Shortly after, our systems were up and running as though nothing had happened. What could have been a full-scale data catastrophe turned out to be a minor inconvenience. This experience was also a great reminder of why we chose KeepItSafe — and to upgrade our old servers!

Thank you, KeepItSafe. You are our data lifeguards!

Guest Blog Post by Paul Denstedt — President PPL Aquatic, Fitness, and Spa Group Inc.

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