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KeepItSafe Protects SharePoint Data

Oct 19, 2017, 23:25 PM by Trenton Baker

SharePoint data protection

Since its introduction in 2011, the Office 365 suite of cloud productivity tools has become indispensable to the success of modern business operations.

According to a recent Gartner study, SharePoint Online has become one of the top drivers of Office 365 adoption among businesses.

SaaS providers like Microsoft are quick to point out that their data is reliably backed up across multiple, dispersed data centers, protecting customer data against the most common downtime culprits like loss of power, natural disaster, and application failures.

But that’s where the protection ends.

SharePoint Data Is Vulnerable

Popularity doesn’t automatically translate into security. Cloud applications, despite their ubiquity, are no more reliable than the people who use them, and human error continues to account for the majority of data loss incidents globally.

Likewise, ransomware continues to makes data loss a universal fact and affliction. Hackers continue to imperil the security of cloud data as much as any data stored locally.

Your Data’s Not Going to Protect Itself

It’s commonly believed that SaaS providers are obligated to recover your data if it gets lost. This is false, as the following language from Microsoft’s “Cloud Terms and Conditions” attests:

“We strive to keep the Services up and running; however, all online services suffer occasional disruptions and outages, and Microsoft isn’t liable for any disruption or loss you may suffer as a result. You should regularly back up the content that you store on the services.”

What Microsoft fails to mention is that SharePoint, in particular, lacks an ability to recover your data once it’s been deleted. The stark truth is that organizations are on their own to safeguard and recover data they’ve entrusted to a public cloud.

How to Create a SharePoint Backup Strategy

There are many ways to incur data loss, but some common SharePoint recovery scenarios include:

  • Recovering unintentionally deleted content not protected by the recycle bin or versioning.
  • Moving data between installations as part of a hardware or software upgrade.
  • Recovering from an unexpected failure.

Devising a good SharePoint recovery plan requires understanding two key data-protection concepts – the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

Your RPO and RTO are unique to your business, and identifying them helps answer the three vital questions that underlie every good business-continuity plan:

  • How much data do you need to protect?
  • How much time you can afford to be without it?
  • How long can your business can function without access to vital systems?

This is where a KeepItSafe® Cloud2Cloud backup solution becomes invaluable.

KeepItSafe Cloud2Cloud Bridges the Gap

The recovery gaps inherent in Office 365 preclude the kind of peace of mind businesses demand from a data-protection and -recovery solution.

Gartner has found that organizations consistently express a need for a seamless self-service experience with granular data recovery options, plus assurances that their data will be successfully backed up and secured.

KeepItSafe Cloud2Cloud’s comprehensive data-management solution lets customers better protect, preserve, and discover crucial business data across Office 365, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive, to fully protect Microsoft Office 365 investments.

Cloud2Cloud gives businesses multiple options for easily configuring, managing, and scheduling all backup activities from the same intuitive interface while ensuring full regulatory compliance:

  • Minimize risks with full data visibility, access, and compliance monitoring across SaaS services
  • Comprehensively back up, recover, and archive data for Office 365, Google Suite, Box, and Salesforce
  • Easily search, collect, and preserve data in-place to support legal and compliance needs
  • Choose frequency and granularity of backups on a data-source-by-data-source basis, ensuring data protection as long as required for compliance and business continuity
  • Federated search to enable location of files across all users, devices, and cloud applications
  • Tamper-proof user and admin audit trails for transparency, traceability, and accountability
  • Built-in legal hold workflow to facilitate collection and preservation of relevant data
  • Get secure cloud infrastructure, policies, and procedures, including SOC1 (supersedes SAS-70 and SSAE-16)
  • Optimize WAN utilization by scheduling high-volume data transfers during off-peak hours
  • Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives set and achieved
  • Securely store and encrypt all data, denying access to unauthorized users
  • Access data any time, even after cancelling SaaS/PaaS subscriptions

Traditional backup solutions were designed for applications running inside the corporate network. With the rapid adoption of SaaS applications like Office 365, legacy backup solutions are blind to issues outside the enterprise.

Take control of your cloud data. KeepItSafe extends seamless and comprehensive data-protection and governance capabilities to SharePoint data.

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