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In data backup and DR, “white-glove service” is more than just a buzz phrase

May 27, 2020, 18:51 PM by Becky Cook

White-glove service. It’s one of those terms that businesses have overused to such a degree that its meaning has been eroded. Companies in a wide range of industries now use the phrase simply to claim they offer good customer service. But white glove has a more concrete definition in business — a definition that should vary by industry. 

As I’ll demonstrate below, true white-glove service can be particularly important when it comes to how you choose to back up your company’s mission-critical data. First, though, let’s review what this service looks like in another industry altogether, to give you context for understanding the wide range of service levels you’ll receive from different businesses.

Example: white-glove service in shipping and delivery

Consider a furniture retailer delivering to consumers’ homes. Standard delivery service would include dropping off the package at the recipient’s front door.

Very good service would also include quality-assurance processes to make sure the company delivered on time, and that its delivery crew didn’t damage the package in transit or as they dropped it off. In fact, many shipping companies tout these QA measures as “white-glove service.” But they aren’t. They simply represent good customer-service practices.

True white-glove service would take the process several steps further: bringing the package into the home, assembling the piece, tidying up the packaging afterward, placing it wherever the customer preferred, and possibly even removing the old furniture that the new item was replacing.

A similar service hierarchy exists in the world of data backup. As you’ll see from the description below, once you understand what true white-glove service means in this industry, you wouldn’t want to entrust your company’s mission-critical digital infrastructure to a provider that offered anything less.

What does white-glove service mean for data backup?

To be a true white-glove provider of data backup and disaster recovery solutions, a business needs to meet several criteria. First and foremost:

Think again of the white-glove delivery service we discussed. The company handles everything: walking the package into the home, putting it together, and even taking away the old item if the customer doesn’t want to deal with it.

In other words, white-glove service in this context means the customer doesn’t have to lift a finger. The company handles everything. A backup and recovery provider must provide a similar level of hands-free service to call its service white glove. They must be able to handle everything. Here’s what that looks like in practice. 

Other criteria for true white-glove service include:

  • Full-service design, configuration, and installation of data backup, disaster recovery, cloud-to-cloud backup, endpoint protection, or other services.

  • A technical support team managing and monitoring the company’s data and backup systems 24/7.

  • Quick, decisive intervention at the first signs of trouble and immediate customer notification.

  • A system that backs up all company systems and devices at all times—from server applications to employee laptops—and is ready to immediately recover lost data.

  • Data backed up simultaneously in multiple data centers, in geographically distinct regions, and protected with the highest levels of both digital encryption and physical security.

That’s what it takes to provide true white-glove backup and recovery service. And as you can imagine, in the event of a disaster, you’ll be glad you chose such a provider.

Do your own research. You’ll find that very few companies can actually make good on these promises. But we’re one of them.

Let us show you how KeepItSafe can provide you true white-glove service to proactively protect your company’s critical digital environment 24/7.

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