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How to Build a World Class Technical Support Team

Nov 15, 2016, 21:45 PM by Trenton Baker

World Class Technical Support Team

When you entrust something as vital as the backup and recovery of your business data to a partner’s service, it’s critical that both the solution and the Support department behind it are top-notch. That’s why KeepItSafe builds world-class Technical Support teams — our customers would not accept anything less.

As a 20-year veteran of the Support and IT profession, I’ve seen firsthand what works and doesn’t when it comes to Technical Support. Based on those learnings, here are the three key principles my team and I have implemented to ensure KeepItSafe Support over-delivers for our customers — and which any organization can implement to create their own world-class support department.

1. Hire Well-Rounded Support Engineers — Great Not Only with Technology But Also with People

Obviously it’s important to look for Support engineers with technical knowledge and a Customer Support background. But it’s equally important to find candidates who have excellent people skills — patience, empathy and the ability to listen.

At KeepItSafe, we view our solution as one cohesive service — from the software we install for our customers, to the team we have supporting it.

2. Create a Support-Team Culture of Partnership with Customers — Not Just a Group of Robots Waiting for the Phone to Ring

Many technology-solution providers view themselves as merely supplying the customer with a piece of software and saying, “You’re on your own”. With this philosophy, it’s impossible to build a world-class Support team.

You must build into your Support department’s culture a sense that every member of your team is fully invested in every customer’s success — because, of course, they are. Your customers will notice and appreciate it.

3. Measure Everything, But Focus Primarily on One Metric: a Satisfied Customer

An effective support department is always tracking, always measuring and always analyzing its operations — so the team can learn what’s working and what needs improving. These data points are all vital to learning how to improve your processes.

But if you want to create a top-notch Support department, it’s important to understand that these metrics are all a means to an end, proxies for the one real metric that matters: a satisfied customer.

Your Support Engineers need to be aware of all of the elements of issue resolution — how long the average support phone call lasts, for example. Those are useful clues to how you’re serving your customers. But whether an Engineer talks with a customer for 3 minutes or 25, the right way to train your team to measure success is simple: make the customer happy.

Cherry Smith

Technical Support Manager - KeepItSafe

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