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Help! My Company Data is Everywhere and I Do Not Know How to Protect It!

Nov 15, 2016, 21:15 PM by Trenton Baker

KeepItSafe Cloud2Cloud Protects Your Company’s Data in Cloud Apps Like Office 365 and Salesforce

Is There an Easy Way to Protect All of My Company’s Data, Regardless of Where it Resides? In One Word…Yes.

Let’s rewind to a simpler time – IT managers had full control over their IT systems, they knew exactly what hardware was being used, where their data was stored, and they didn’t have users saying “I know you didn’t buy this for me, but I still want you to protect my new desktop/laptop/phone/tablet/cloud app.”  

Sure the threat of a disaster was present, a fire or flood threatening, but even then, a recovery solution was straightforward—protect the data on the corporate servers that we own, figure out a way to re-build them in a different location and on standby hardware that we own. Simple. Fast forward to 2015, and that puzzle has been shaken up and thrown onto the floor.

There is no doubt today’s world is more complex for IT Managers. They still have servers running in their own data centres, but they also have servers running in co-location facilities, virtual servers hosted by 3rd party cloud providers, countless mobile devices of all shapes and sizes, and new Software-as-a-Service tools such as Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, and Google Apps being introduced into the organisation on a weekly basis.  

Given the complexity of all of these data repositories, a few questions arise:

1.    Is it still necessary to backup data on all of these devices in all of these locations especially given the fact that some of these systems are hosted by large and respected IT vendors who should have robust data protection solutions already implemented?

2.    Is there any easy way to do it?

The answer to both questions is a resounding yes!

It is absolutely critical that IT Managers continue to backup and protect ALL of their corporate data, regardless of where or what device it resides on. It’s a mistake to assume that 3rd party vendors are doing a good job of protecting your data. In fact, most SLA’s provided by 3rd party hosting companies explicitly state what they’re not responsible for their customer’s data under most circumstance. 

For example, Microsoft Cloud’s Terms & Conditions states that “Microsoft isn't liable for any disruption or loss you may suffer as a result. You should regularly backup the Content that you store on the Services.” Similarly, Amazon Web Services Service Agreement makes it clear that they are not responsible for your data loss and that “You are responsible… to maintain appropriate security, protection and backup of Your Content…”

In the past, it took several different tools from different vendors to provide enterprise-wide protection of data. But a few cloud backup service providers have caught onto this market trend and have released a single platform that protects data from on-premise servers, cloud servers, mobile devices, and SaaS applications. KeepItSafe is one of those service providers.

There is an easy way to achieve data management across multiple environments and devices. Investigate your options and you may be pleasantly surprised at the ease of implementation and use.

Greg Onoprijenko
Regional Sales Manager --KeepItSafe

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