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Endpoint Protection for the Distributed Mobile Workforce

Dec 10, 2018, 19:00 PM by Trenton Baker

Endpoint Protection for the Distributed Mobile Workforce

When it comes to protecting edge devices, corporations know they’ve got a problem. Corporate data is dispersed across a plethora of devices: desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets; multiple geographical locations, and different operating systems. Moreover, don’t forget ownership issues. Many businesses actively encourage their employees to bring their own devices (BYOD); others look the other way when their users do. Either way, if corporate data exists on those devices, IT needs to protect it and keep it safe. IT also needs to backup data from 3rd party cloud platforms like Office 365 or Google Drive.

Businesses know they should be backing up this data, securing it, and using it for compliance and collaboration. However, accomplishing this level of endpoint protection is a different story. The primary challenge isn’t awareness; it’s the lack of effective and manageable tools for endpoint data.

The question isn’t why but how?

What to Look for in Your BYOD Backup

Several independent software vendors (ISV) have introduced a hodgepodge of endpoint protection tools. Not all of these support multiple devices, locations, and platforms or provide the transparency and manageability that is sorely needed. Here is what to look for:

endpoint protection solution


Find an endpoint protection solution that runs on a wide variety of edge devices including tablets, iPads, and smartphones; IOS and Android; and laptops and desktops. (Yes, desktops are still used. If the user stores most or all data on the hard drive, that data is unprotected.) Look for a simplified user interface and robust admin features under the hood, and go for ease-of-use for users. Some corporate management applications can be a nightmare on a smartphone, and users will avoid it – especially if it’s their smartphone. Invest in user-friendly mobile backup, "anytime/anywhere" access, and simple self-service.


Automated backup, encryption, and simplified configuration are all important. Look for application-aware deduplication that enables efficient backup over interconnected networks. Backups and restores should be non-intrusive and running transparently in the background. You will also want to support file-sharing and data storage for secure business-wide collaboration from any protected device.

Security is critical. Look for an offering that meets ISO 27001 security standards, which supports continuous protection of your data. Also look for geo-location location features and remote data-wiping, policy-driven profile management, and robust analytics.

Automated backup and encryption


KeepItSafe Endpoint Protection

KeepItSafe Endpoint Protection is the only unified enterprise endpoint protection so0lution that offers backup, file sharing, collaboration, and data-loss prevention (DLP).

  • Comprehensive. KeepItSafe Endpoint Protection backs up a variety of devices and works on Mac/IOS and Windows/Android devices. The unified platform administers data governance, backup, recovery, visibility, and management to wherever your data resides.
  • Proven scale. Leverage our proven scale to support employees in ROBO offices without adding headcount.
  • Management. The service is non-intrusive, lightweight, and flexible. Admins access an easy-to-use centralized console for easy visibility, manageability, and control over all devices. File syncing works across any device for immediate user access, while 256-bit encryption keeps it secure from unauthorized access.
  • eDiscovery, compliance, governance. Enjoy a complete view of data across all devices enables users to protect data against loss, observe governance and compliance, and keep data available for eDiscovery. KeepItSafe Endpoint Protection enables legal holds, and compliance teams can easily search all end-user data to identify data risks and automate compliance monitoring.
  • Storage efficiency. Save on storage without sacrificing security—even in a multi-tenant environment—with powerful global deduplication technology.
  • Caching. Provide faster data restores and reduce or eliminate bandwidth consumption and accelerate time-to-protection with a simple to install and centrally managed interface.
  • Automation. Automated data backup on every connected device and system keeps critical data protected and accessible. Detailed, tamper-proof audit trails track data usage and file-sharing activities, and custom policies enable a consistent and automated environment.
  • Security. Admins can issue remote wipes on lost and stolen devices, and encryption assures that thieves cannot use pre-wipe data. Continuous backup keeps the data available to the user and business. Geo-fencing blocks access to data from unapproved locations and IPs and data segregation separates personal data from business data on employees’ devices.
  • Roaming. Detect the user’s network and turn off backup if their device is connected to an LTE, 4G or 3G mobile network for a friction-free experience for employees
Global Deduplication

Businesses looking to protect valuable data on laptops and other devices need to consider how widely fragmented data has become thanks to greater BYOD workforce. Protecting data from human error, malware and theft becomes more complicated if data protection is distributed across vast geographic distances and complex network topologies.

KeepItSafe purpose-built Endpoint Protection to protect your distributed mobile workforce with enterprise-class backup and archiving designed to simplify data protection and collaboration across an environment of servers, clouds, and edge devices.

Having a custom mobile endpoint protection plan in place allows you to keep IT safe and mitigate data loss and data breach at the edge while maximizing network and end-user performance. Reach out today to review your data protection strategy and ask for a free assessment.

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