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51% of Organisations Will Face a Ransomware Attack. Are You Prepared?

Dec 11, 2020, 18:03 PM by Becky Cook
Is your business prepared for a ransomware attack? On the Blog Today - learn which questions you should be asking regarding your Disaster Recovery strategy and ransomware protection.

In September 2020, the US suffered the largest healthcare ransomware attack in the country’s history, when staff at United Health Services suddenly found themselves locked out of their networks and data. As NBC News reported, the attack put many patients’ lives at risk: “Our medication system is all online,” said a nurse in one of the healthcare organisation's 400 locations.


But despite headline-grabbing stories like these, ransomware is no longer a novel form of cybercrime that affects only large, high-profile businesses. As recent worldwide data show, a majority of organisations—of all sizes, across all industries—should expect to face a ransomware attack in the near future.


Statistically speaking, the odds are you’ll be hit with ransomware soon


According to the Sophos “State of Ransomware 2020” report, a global study covering thousands of businesses across a wide range of industries:


  • 51% of organisations were hit by a ransomware attack in the previous year.


  • Ransomware attackers target organisations of all sizes: 47% of last year’s attacks were against smaller businesses (100 to 1,000 employees), while 54% targeted larger organisations (1,000+ employees).


  • Attack rates were high across many countries, including:

o   Australia          48% of organisations

o   Belgium           60%

o   France              52%

o   Germany         57%

o   UK                     48%

o   US                     59%


For many businesses, the news is even worse.

Unfortunately, because relatively few organisations have built ransomware preparation into their disaster recovery strategies, the effects of an attack can be particularly devastating. These stats underscore this point:


  • A ransomware attack causes an average 15 days of downtime. 

(Source: Coveware’s Q1 2020 Ransomware Marketplace Report.)

  • 1 in 5 organisations are paying for cybersecurity insurance that doesn’t cover ransomware. 

(Source: The Sophos report)


  • On average, paying the ransom actually doubles the overall cost of dealing with the attack.

(Source: The Sophos report)


 If you were attacked tomorrow, what would you do? 


These worrisome ransomware trends should provoke some questions for your organisation. If you were hit with a ransomware attack…


  • Would you be prepared to recover your backed-up data and systems to a known-secure site?

  • Would you have specific RTOs and RPOs for various types of data, and the tech and processes in place to meet those recovery objectives?

  • Would you have already conducted repeated, realistic tests of your recovery strategy, to ensure your team would be prepared for the real thing?


Learn how to prepare your organisation for ransomware


These are just some of the ransomware topics covered in the recent webinar hosted by OffsiteDataSync and Zerto: “Managing the Ransomware Response: Ensuring IT Resilience through Recovery.”


You’ll also learn:

  • Best practices for fortifying your company against a ransomware attack

  • The biggest mistake businesses make when it comes to ransomware

  • How to build a ransomware recovery process into your DR planning


                                            Watch the webinar now

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