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3 Reasons Bare Metal Restores Are So Tricky and Why They Are Worth the Effort

Nov 15, 2016, 21:43 PM by Trenton Baker

Bare Metal Restores

"Bare metal restore" is a data-recovery concept that means restoring all of the data stored on a failed server system, without the need for reloading and installing the previously installed software that the hardware was running.

If a disaster claims your data, a bare metal restore lets your IT team (or backup vendor) skip the lengthy process of reinstalling the original software and loading service packs and backup agents — and recovery all of the data in minutes.

The complexities of maintaining a guaranteed disaster recovery solution, one you can be certain will quickly restore all of your data from the bare metal, is why it makes sense to outsource this function to an expert — like KeepItSafe DR.

Here’s a look at just some of those complexities.

3 Challenges to Bare Metal Restore

1. You might need access to the operating system that was running on the failed or crashed computer system, in order to launch the bare metal restore process.

If you cannot access the operating system and do not have its backup disk, you might need to boot up the backup from another source, such as mini-Windows or mini-Linux.

2. Most bare metal restores require restoring to the identical set of hardware. But some superior solutions let you restore to any server.

This is one reason it is so important to know before signing up with any cloud backup provider whether they truly understand the complexities of bare metal restore. Ask vendors claiming to offer this service if their process requires identical hardware to restore, or if it can restore to any hardware, as KeepItSafe DR can.

3. Even with all of the proper tools in place, the restore itself is a tricky process — and it requires practice, ideally via "dry runs."

There are several factors that make bare metal restore difficult even under the right conditions. So it’s is important for an IT team (or its cloud backup provider) to test the company’s ability to perform a successful bare metal restore at any time. This is not a procedure you want to first experiment with after a data disaster.

Why Bare Metal Restore is the Ideal Solution for Data Protection

Outsourcing a bare metal restore solution to the same third-party expert that is managing your data-backup service, for example, means the vendor understands the need to maintain specific hardware to back up your data that will also work for a fast bare metal restore — should the need ever occur.

A global leader in cloud backup and disaster recovery, KeepItSafe® offers a comprehensive suite of fully managed and monitored solutions to protect your data in the cloud — including a true bare metal restore that after a disaster will have all of your data, and your business, up and running again in minutes.

Visit for more information on our total bare metal restore capability.

Saaher Muzafer, Account Manager - KeepItSafe

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