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Hidden Costs of Cloud Backup

The 7 Hidden Costs of Cloud Backup

Not all cloud backup options are the same.

Many organizations have recognized that cloud-based backup is a superior solution for storing copies of data for long-term retention and disaster recovery. Since cloud backup costs can vary significantly amongst cloud providers, it is critical that you analyze the factors that go into determining how they are calculated and decide what extra charges you can live with to be in the megacloud. It’s now evident that both cloud TCO and egress fees must be examined when evaluating cloud-based backup.

The challenge of understanding the actual costs of cloud storage complicates further when you compare pricing models including cloud backup where pricing can vary from cloud storage provider to provider.

Read this report to learn the 7 different costs including:

  1. Compounding Storage Needs
  2. Retention
  3. Retrieval Fees
  4. Network Egress Fees
  5. Provisioning
  6. Getting Data Into and Out of the Cloud
  7. Cost of Not Having Rock Solid SLAs

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