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Enterprise Endpoint Backup Top Pain Points Solved

Enterprise Endpoint Backup: Top 10 Pain Points Solved

Enterprises today have experienced a seismic shift in where data resides.

With the rise of the cloud, SaaS, mobile devices, and IoT, enterprises have had to redefine endpoint protection to corral an ever-expanding perimeter of roaming data. Most organizations have not extended their backup and recovery solutions to mobile, IoT, and endpoint devices, despite having a mandate to protect mission-critical data. That’s because most IT organizations treat laptop, mobile, and edge devices as replaceable hardware, instead of vessels of irreplaceable data and vulnerable conduits to the mass majority of corporate data residing in the cloud.

It is now critical for business endpoint backup solutions to address issues such as file security, bandwidth constraints and how an endpoint backup solution fits within a holistic data protection and governance strategy.

We have identified 10 common, real-world pain points that IT need to address to achieve endpoint data protection.

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