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Endpoint Data Strategy-as-a-Service

Endpoint Data Strategy-as-a-Service

How to develop a holistic end-user data strategy.

The global dispersed and mobile workforce of BYOD endpoint devices can create a blind spot in the data protection policy where data, critical to the organization can be lost, and cyber-attackers may gain access to the data center. The cloud is an ideal solution to protect and manage data across all endpoints.

The challenge for organizations in protecting these devices is selecting a solution that won’t bury the IT team in a management nightmare. Endpoint backup to the cloud should, of course, rely upon the right software to ensure secure data protection. More importantly, IT needs to look for endpoint protection solutions that are part of a backup management solution and can see beyond endpoint backup into a holistic data protection strategy.

Organizations need to adopt a holistic approach to data management which not only includes endpoints but also assimilates endpoints into a disaster recovery plan to meet increasing demands for data retention, governance, and data privacy.

Read this report from Storage Switzerland to learn:

  • Solve the backup problem
  • Go beyond endpoint backup to achieve endpoint security
  • The challenge of legacy endpoint data strategies
  • How to leveraging the cloud to secure and manage endpoints
  • Succeed with endpoint data strategy as a service

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