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Cloud Backup vs Disaster Recovery

Gregg Onoprijenko, Regional Sales Manager of Canada KeepItSafe

This KeepItSafe® webinar highlights the contrasts between traditional cloud backup and disaster recovery as a service. The concept of cloud backup has been around awhile and seems well-understood: you back up your business data and store it in the cloud. Cloud Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), by contrast, is a more recent business capability that has evolved from a combination of technological advancements and an increase in the speed at which business is expected to recover.

The cloud DRaaS protection process is similar to the cloud backup process: data (individual files or entire server images) is backed up over the internet and stored in an off-site data vault. The difference lies in the ability to failover live servers to an alternative cloud environment, giving a business newfound capacity to run live production servers in a virtual environment. This webinar’s agenda will cover the whats and whys of cloud-based backup and disaster recovery.

  • What’s the difference between cloud backup and cloud disaster recovery
  • Why is it important to learn the Backup and DR difference
  • How to decide which option is best for your company’s data protection
  • What makes a good cloud disaster recovery vendor
  • How does KeepItSafe DR and DRaaS protect your IT Resiliency

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