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Cloud Backup Doesn't Work for Enterprises and How to Fix it

Cloud Backup Doesn’t Work for Enterprises and How to Fix it

Protecting the enterprise remains a big challenge facing data centers.

Making sure the data center is appropriately protected is a common struggle that all IT admins face. The cloud, cloud backup, seems like an answer to all those struggles. Cloud backup is an ideal complement to an enterprise's existing backup strategy. For enterprises, cloud provider options range from the megacloud providers to small regional providers. To make cloud backup work for enterprises, IT needs to understand the potential problems when considering cloud backup provider as well as how to work around those challenges.

However, how can IT make the conversion from on-premises backup to cloud backup?

Read this report from Storage Switzerland to learn:

  • How to understand the Cloud options.
  • Methods to determine if cloud backup is right for your organization.
  • How to create a plan to begin the transfer to cloud-based data protection operations.

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